10 Ideas For Creating Easy-To-Use And Cheerful Bathroom For Kids

Children brighten our lives. They remain the personification of joy, colorfulness, creativity, fun, laughter and many more positive things. Childhood is such a splendor and a period which safeguarded us from all the rigors and burdens life imposes on us. All children deserve to enjoy the best possible environment and get their fun filled pleasant memories saved to be relished in the future. This magnificence has to start from children’s home. While children may be angels, their toilet habits may make us go wild. This situation can be changed if we are able to provide them with Bathrooms that are easy to use and cheerful.

Below Are 10 Ideas For Creating Easy-To-Use And Cheerful Bathroom For Kids

1. Bright Mats On The Floor

Spreading soft colorful washable mats on the children’s bathroom gives pep to their attitude towards hygienic bathroom habits. It will be a good idea to use multiple mats for the children to feel the change and variety every day. Mornings are always a tickling issue to parents since children come out in differing moods. Bathroom Floor mats can be used to soften their irritable moods more so if their favorite cartoon character is printed on them

Bright Mats On The Floor

2. Cozy Comforting Furniture

Arrange for a small chair or stool in the children’s bathroom. These cute little furniture may help you to cope up with their ‘out-of-sleep all of a sudden’ early morning fussing. They can be made to sit and relax for some time and then made to perform their morning chores. Ensure that the furniture enter into their heart so that bathroom experiences becomes desirable ones.

Cozy Comforting Furniture

3. Bright Bathrooms

The ambience created by wall colors and posters on them plays a crucial role in creating a happy mood in children. Bathroom wall coloring need not always look sombre increasing the number of yawns. Paint the bathroom walls with bright colour or mix of colors and shades that are children’s favorites

Bright Bathrooms

4. Themes Make Bathrooms Jubilant

Make the child choose the theme or style of colours. Probably the child can be encouraged to decorate the walls with his own imagination. Looking at the walls every time will not only give the child a sense of satisfaction but boost his confidence levels making the bathroom space once he procrastinated to enter, his favourite one

Themes Make Bathrooms Jubilant

5. Color Codes Help

When you are handling more than one child, confusion on bath towels and robes is very common. However quickly the elders try to solve the confusion, a big war breaks out in between. In order to avoid such chaos day in and day out, while choosing bath-towels and other accessories ensure that for each child a unique color code is adopted.

Color Codes Help

6. Friends In The Bathroom

Gift them with friends in the bathroom. Get them water-resistant and safe to handle kinds of their favourite characters. Ensure the sizes of these toy characters are reasonably big for the children to cuddle, play and enjoy bathing with them. Name these bathing companions to increase the fun.

Friends In The Bathroom

7. Enough Space Matters

Children always enjoy huge spaces. If there are multiple children using the same bathroom, provide them with extra facilities. Probably extra mirrors, bathtubs, sinks and other accessories will help avoid the ‘Me first-you next’ fights between the children

Enough Space Matters

8. Doors Can Be Fun Too

Fix colourful doors for the bathroom and closets in the bathroom. Railings can add to the fun. The closet doors can be decorated with stickers selected by the children. Allowing them to add the number of stickers every now and then will make them identify themselves with the Bathroom space

Doors Can Be Fun Too

9. Make Identification Easier

Ensure separate cases and holders are made available for each small and big necessity in the bathroom. Not being able to find something when it is urgently required causes a lot of tension and irritation. This tension could be avoided by identifying the things that kids search for frequently and keeping them in open or transparent cases in fixed places.

Make Identification Easier

10. Provide Intelligent Alternatives

If funds and space permit, provide an alternative bathroom to the children in the outer space near their play area. Playing in the mud or getting shabby is one of the favourite things children love to do and the same activities are the biggest nightmares for the adults. Children tend be feel afraid to enter the house in a shabby outlook. Providing them a bathroom outside the house will help them clean themselves to some extent so that fun is not spoilt

Provide Intelligent Alternatives

Try the above mentioned bathroom decorating ideas for kids and see the difference.

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