10 Home Decoration Mistakes To Avoid

All of us love to decorate our homes with beautiful furniture, nice wallpapers and little knickknacks collected from here and there. While it is absolutely fine to be creative while decorating your home, there are certain common mistakes that we tend to overlook. Interior designers seem to get it right every time. But, why can’t we do it? It is simply because we do not take care of little things that can be avoided.

Here Are 10 Home Decoration Mistakes To Avoid

1. Make Your Living Space Clutter Free

Often we become overenthusiastic about decorating our rooms. It is very important to keep them clutter free. For example, the living room becomes a dumping ground for everything you like. Try to pick and choose certain items for the room. Try to organize showcases creatively, so that it only shows certain objects that enhance the look and feel of your room. Similarly, keep only one or two centerpieces on coffee tables or side tables.

Make Your Living Space Clutter Free

2. Select Furniture That Fit Your Rooms

Furniture is an essential component of home décor and must be chosen according to its utility. Measure your room before buying big pieces. Select comfortable sofas and dining chairs instead of fancy ones that look out of place in your home.

Select Furniture That Fit Your Rooms

3. Organize Photo Frames

Another common fixture in most homes are photo frames. While these capture your memories, they must not be displayed together on a particular table or a shelf. Try to arrange them neatly on the wall. It not only looks good but, also adds a different dimension to the room.

Organize Photo Frames

4. Avoid Wasting Money On Wallpaper

Wallpapers are important décor items but, it does not necessarily mean that you have to go over the top to accommodate wallpapers in your room. A room does not look good if it is completely covered in wallpaper. Rather, choose one particular wall like the back side of the bed or the television unit and cover it with wallpaper. In this way, you will not only save money, it will also shift the focal point of the room.

Avoid Wasting Money On Wallpaper

5. Do Not Avoid The Foyer

The foyer of your house can also be decorated. Most people tend to keep this area empty and feel there is hardly anything to do. However, you must pay attention to this area as it gives you an opportunity to make the first impression about your home. A nice carpet at the entryway or a flower pot can be ideal for your foyer. You can also hang a chandelier or a hanging light if you wish to give a dramatic look.

Do Not Avoid The Foyer

6. Matching Furniture With Décor

People often make the mistake of matching furniture with other items in the room. You need not match everything. Select curtains, furnishing and furniture that look good together and does not necessarily have to be colour coordinated. It is just like putting together a stylish outfit and accessories. Try to create a coherent décor without matching everything perfectly.

Matching Furniture With Décor

7. Avoid Decorating Clichés

There are certain decorating clichés that must be avoided completely. Silly quotes on the walls or words such as ‘eat’ and ‘sleep’ on the walls telling you the purpose of a room is pretty stupid. It really does not enhance the look and feel of the room. Similarly, avoid using a chandelier in the kitchen, it looks completely out of place. A lot of people also choose wall decals. These are misfits in most homes.

Avoid Decorating Clichés

8. Adding Too Much Colour

In order to create a different look, a lot of people add too much colour to their living spaces. If you like bright colours, let them stand out on certain walls. Do not splash colours everywhere in the room. While you can choose a few colourful cushions and rugs for the living room, do not outdo it.

Adding Too Much Colour

9. Organize Cables

One of the most common sight in homes is that of unorganized cables. Do not let wires hang around from every nook and corner of your home. If an electronic device is not being used, roll up the wire and keep it securely. And if you are using a few appliances or gadgets together, create a wire organizer where you can keep them hidden. A labeled storage container for keeping unused wires can be a great idea to make your home tangle free.

Organize Cables

10. Get Rid Of Outdated Accessories

Although, you may want to retain a few old furniture and cabinets, it is not wise to keep outdated accessories in the house. Make small improvements to create modern cabinets in kitchens, bathrooms or living rooms.

Get Rid Of Outdated Accessories

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