10 Gorgeous Outdoor Furniture Fabrics For Summer

Summer is the most welcoming season of all. The outdoors bustling with life invite everyone to experience that beautiful summer-y feeling. It is also a time when one can actually use the patio furniture and sit outside for hours and hours together. You can show off your great taste in furniture and design by picking the perfect fabric for the patio. The vibrant colors that go perfectly well with the surroundings and just brighten up your garden. There are some really gorgeous outdoor furniture fabrics available out there that are listed below:

Here Are 10 Gorgeous Outdoor Furniture Fabrics For Summer

1. Jeans

One of the most versatile fabrics, jeans is the perfect choice of fabric for summer furniture. It is easy to maintain, in fact hardly needs any attention. And the blue goes with clear blue skies of the summer. Jeans is known for its casual look and denim on sofa looks just as comforting.


2. Captiva

Captiva is the perfect fabric for outdoor furniture. It goes well with any kind of surroundings and is extremely comfortable. A sofa set or even some chairs strewn around the garden with Captiva covered cushions give a classy look to your home. The patio will end up looking posh and sophisticated without any compromise for comfort.


3. Stripes

As far as design goes, there is hardly anything that beats striped furniture fabric. On the patio, it looks even more stunning. This is because of the stark contrast between nature and the very defined lines that look stylish yet man made. Another benefit of using stripes is that you can use two colors instead of one. And picking bright colors like yellow and red or any color of your choice for that matter gives that extra oomph to the patio.


4. Cane And Cotton

Cane is the classic patio furniture material. It has been in our patios since time immemorial. With modern design you can make even to classy cane look all swanky and stylish. To add to the comfort factor, one can add a couple white cotton cushions to the mix and come up with a really cool patio.

Cane And Cotton

5. Devada

This fabric has an intricate design and comes in a lot of vibrant colors. It’s a great accompaniment to the green grass in the garden and shines perfectly in that summer sun. The design on this fabric is actually inspired by a lot of cultures around the world and is extremely creative.


6. Kavindra

Just like Devada, the Kavindra fabric also comes in a lot of designs. From beautiful pictures of animals to floral prints, this fabric has it all. It is being widely used in patio furniture right now owing to its sophisticated look. Picking the right design will brighten up your patio with this wonderfully contemporary fabric.


7. Sunbrella

Sunbrella fabric comes in wonderful, vibrant colors that go perfectly well with green surroundings. The fabric is soft yet strong and there is no compromise on the level of comfort. It is available in most places now as it has become extremely popular in the last few years. If you are looking for a vibrant and stylish patio, then sunbrella fabric is the answer.


8. Jute

Environment friendly as well as sophisticated, Jute is a fabric for all seasons. Whether it is the cold winter or the rainy season, it goes perfectly well with the rest of the home décor. But it shines through especially in summer owing to its really natural appearance. It almost blends into its surroundings and it is hard to tell the nature and the furniture apart. The earthy brown color and the clear blue skies form the perfect picture of your patio. This is a great choice of outdoor furniture fabric for summer.


9. Leopard Design Fabric

There is something about leopard design that is timeless. It is probably the only fabric that is used as furniture as well as in clothing. It is really that versatile. If you are looking to increase the swankiness of your patio then this design would be a great choice because it not only looks stylish but also speaks for itself in terms of style statement. It is bold and classy and perfect of summer outdoor furniture.

Leopard Design Fabric

10. Jungalow

As the name suggests, this fabric emulates the designs of the jungle. It can’t get more natural than that. The colors and shapes of the forest right in your garden. The gorgeous fabric comes in great designs and is a great pick for furniture fabrics for summer.


The above mentioned furniture fabrics are totally worth buying as they are pocket friendly as well as long lasting.

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