10 Genius Storage Ideas For Your Complete Home

The kitchen, bedroom and the children’s room often get so much cluttered that it becomes impossible to get everything organized properly. Storage becomes an impediment in maintaining a spick and span appearance of the room. There are many brilliant storage ideas which should be tried to get rid of this problem, once and for all.

Here Are 10 Genius Storage Ideas For Your Complete Home

Kitchen Storage

1. Dish Drying Cabinet And Extra Storage Space

Installing a dish-drying cabinet directly above the sink is a good idea to increase the storage capacity of the kitchen. The space in front of the sink can be utilized by making false drawers. Slide out tracks can be installed to store pans.

Dish Drying Cabinet And Extra Storage Space

2. Hooks, Ironing Board And Hooks

The foils and plastic wraps can be stored in a mounted magazine rack. A foldable ironing board can be installed in a spare drawer. Hooks can be used to hold the measuring spoons inside the cabinet.

Hooks, Ironing Board And Hooks

3. Pull Out Drawers

Using pull out drawers for storing bread and root vegetables is a good idea.

Pull Out Drawers


4. Perfect Places For Storing Jewellery And Other Things

The jewellery can be stored behind the full length mirror. The space should not be wasted. The clutches can be stored by lining them up in the magazine rack. The belts can be organized with paper towel holders.

Perfect Places For Storing Jewellery And Other Things

5. Picture Ledge And Other Spaces

The picture ledge behind or next to the bed can be used for keeping phones and glasses. They are perfect places in tiny rooms. Shoes can be tucked away in the ottoman. The dog bed can be stored under the platform bed.

Picture Ledge And Other Spaces

6. Shoes And Shirts

The shoes should not be left lying around. They should be properly stored and organized in a uniform manner. EZ Stax can be used to organize shirts.

Shoes And Shirts

Children’s Room

7. Artificial Zoo

The stuffed animals become an important part of a young kid’s life. They like to display them to anyone who cares to see them. They are often scattered around the room. They can be stored by using an old bookcase and dowels to create a stuffed animal zoo. The bars prevent the animals from falling out. The kids would simply love putting their animals in the zoo.

Artificial Zoo

8. Built In Bookshelves

Kids often have tons of books which are inevitably found scattered about the room, on the bed, table and even floor. The conventional bookcases occupy a lot of space and there is the danger of the child pulling it over. Built in bookshelves are very useful to store the books in the child’s room. They are cut into the wall and provide ample storage space for the books. There is no danger of them falling on the child and they do not occupy neither floor nor wall space.

Built In Bookshelves

9. Toy Car Garage

Children, especially boys have a huge collection of cars. These toy cars are often found everywhere in the house, from the hall to the bathroom to the kitchen. Storing the cars inside a basket is not a good idea as the kid while diging inside the basket for his favourite car ends up making a pile of them. A car garage made out of wooden shoe racks display all the cars and at the same time is a creative wall art for the room. It is a simple idea.

Toy Car Garage

10. Toy Box

If the space is less and the kid’s playroom is always cluttered with toys, the best idea is to get a toy box on wheels. The toys can be easily piled inside the box and shut. It can be made at home. Cushion can be added to the top of the lid in order to make it convenient for the child to sit on it.

Toy Box

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