10 Garden Party Ideas

Garden parties did I say? Ah so amazing, can change the flavor any party in any season barring the chilly winters (That is if it snows at your place!), garden parties can actually make your guest feel more interested and as a host you can try out a range of things to beautify the ambience! Well, kicking start the topic here, garden party ideas, what are them so that your guests just go gung- ho about the entire place and your innovative idea.

Here Are 10 Garden Party Ideas

1. Show Your Baking Skills In A Vintage Way

Check out the image with the perfect cake on the display at the middle where the table and the surroundings are bursting with colors and prints to go along with, which is all the more vintage! Whilst you can make more merry at the party while you can actually invite your guests to bake their own hearts out while you get the preparations set for them well in advance. What say?

Show Your Baking Skills In A Vintage Way

2. The Secluded Regions Are Important

Whilst you are planning to make your garden party a success where you use the entire garden fro your guests to get free, there would be some who would like to seek a quieter space to spend the time. This idea is for them where a shaded space is created where one can retire to, take a seat and enjoy the party from a distance. However, make sure you use portable tables to get food from one end to another and the small garden table is decorated with flowers and nice cushions to go with it.

The Secluded Regions Are Important

3. Lights And Greetings Galore

Do you want to give your guests a feel of a composed and a planned garden party? If yes, this oen is for you, which is colorful, fun and organized too, all at the same time. Decorate the garden porch with butterfly and fairy lighting, string of welcome greetings and nets and whatever you actually would want to create the theme and the look. Just remember to incorporate the shade you have decided for the party to keep the décor in tune.

Lights And Greetings Galore

5. Play With The Pom-pom Décor This Garden Party Season

Are you bored of the usual lighting and the expensive décor that you need to buy from the market in case you are planning a garden party? If yes, you need not fret more as we are here with a rather great garden party décor idea which is not only stunning but also make the place look great in minutes. Add simple paper pom-poms to the décor and hang them from your trees and any space available and see the difference they create. Coming in varied colors, use only black or white if you like sophistication.

Play With The Pom-pom Décor This Garden Party Season

6. Think Games For The Party

Figure out the lawn games that you can involve your guests with and play along while the guests are there at your place in the middle of having snack and food. This would not only create enjoyment but would also allow free flow and mix. Make sure that the game pieces you incorporate and environment friendly though!

Think Games For The Party

7. Serve Your Guests With Garden Stuff

It is a garden party for a reason and stay with the feel while you serve food to your guests in plant pots (well washed though!). In case you are not ready to put food into them, you can still serve the napkins and the spoon in them without much worry. Add small glasses and label them for the mini garden look!

Serve Your Guests With Garden Stuff

8. Think Of Alcoves Into The Garden Area

An alcove setup in the garden area indeed means that a garden party cannot get spoilt even if it starts to drizzle a bit or the sun gets angry! The drawable curtains help the strong blazing sunlight from coming in and the guests can enjoy the most at their convenience. The flowers and the simplistic décor with the flowery curtains all add to the look!

Think Of Alcoves Into The Garden Area

9. Add The Picnic Element To The Party

Add some bright hued blankets and cushions to your garden party so that the guests who are bored off the chairs can take that route and relax on them, much like in a picnic. The blankets work both ways where it also gives relief in the evening times when the temperature drips!

Add The Picnic Element To The Party

10. Get The Glassware In The Garden

It is best to shift the glasses and the bottles in the garden area instead of being busy yourself and getting the guests move into the house to refill their glasses. Try out a simple idea where you shift an old trunk out at the garden area and add a tinge of pink table linen on it and place all the glassware along with the ice bucket and the bottles with ease. Just make sure that the glasses are unbreakable so that you don’t need to worry about breakages during the party.

Get The Glassware In The Garden

11. Tents For The Overnight Parties

Create some make shift nice flowy and decorative tents in case your party stretches in to the night and becomes an overnight party instead. Add a lot of cushions, beddings, curtains and et al, in color coordination to get the look!

Tents For The Overnight Parties

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