10 Garage Door Trends Of 2016

Garages are one of the important parts of your house. However, it is the most neglected part as well. Garages are purposed to protect your cars from the elements. In today’s world garages are used for a lot of other things like storage for bikes, a small relaxation area with a cosy couch, a small workshop, even a small headquarter or contact centre for your dream startup. As the matter of fact a lot of multinationals started theirs in a garage. With the current trend of emerging styles of home decoration and fashionable house interiors people are also picking up interest in garage decoration. Most importantly the garage doors are particularly looked at when thought about garage decorations. Today garage doors are built to be stronger and attractive, with minimal maintenance.

Here We Are Going To Discuss A Few Ideas About The Garage Door Trends

1. French Country Style Doors

Take a look back into history and give your home a very warm look with a French chateau style doors.Wooden doors with iron hinges and iron windows is new in trend. Pick any colour matching with your house colour. Even you can try different styles in woods like rusty wood or polished wood. To give it a more authentic look you can use climbers and wall shrubs. This perfect vintage and fashionable door will definitely be an eye catcher.

French Country Style Doors

2. Choose Vibrant Colors

White, fade and light colour garage doors are fading away with the new trendy styles. You can choose any vibrant and bold colours in contrast with your house colour. You can use the door colour to compliment your house exterior. Even coloured patterns on the doors are very much in trend nowadays. A simple graffiti on the door can also give the door a railway backyard look and yet make it look very different.

Choose Vibrant Colors

3. Opaque Glass Doors

Wooden square framed and opaque glass doors give the garage a very stylish and classy look. Choose the wood colour based on your house exterior. You can add some nice and soft lights to give the a very warm touch. A soft spotlight with an activity sensor on the doors can enhance the style furthermore.

Opaque Glass Doors

4. Large Windows In The Doors

Adding large windows in the garage doors are in trend for a long time. Add broader windows to make it look more trendy. It will allow some lights inside the garage as well.

Large Windows In The Doors

5. Insulated Panel Doors

Garage doors are mostly made of aluminium, woods etc. for years. In today’s world some other materials are also in trend. You can use an insulated material of a colour of your choice to use in the garage doors. These doors materials are also very hard and can protect your car from the weather conditions.

Insulated Panel Doors

6. Retractable Garage Doors

Retractable garage doors are very popular nowadays. You can use this type of gates in your garage to make your garage look trendier. These doors are available in different materials. But, opaque and transparent glass doors with hard wooden frames are the most popular in current trends. These can be operated manually or can be made motorized for hands free control.

Retractable Garage Doors

7. Illusive Doors

Fake it and faux it. Paint or pick a wallpaper for a nice scenery on the door to make it look like what it is not in actuality. You can use your wildest imaginations to decide what you want on the doors. Be it a wooden walkway, a very old mine track, a very old creepy cave, a large bookshelf or painting of another car, the style will give your garage door a very illuminating look. Be very trendy and stylish and use your wicked imagination while picking one for your garage door.

Illusive Doors

8. Sliding Garage Doors

Sliding doors in the garage are in trend for as long time. However, in today’s world various materials are used for sliding doors. You can use aluminium doors or wooden doors to make your garage doors look more cool. These doors can be operated manually, however, these doors are very popular since these can be motorised and you don’t have to get down to open the door.

Sliding Garage Doors

9. Barn Style Garage Doors

Classic and barn style garage doors are very much in trend nowadays. You can pick any colour for your house based on your house exterior. Wooden, various colours and also with a rusty look, framed and large doors like farmhouse barns are trending in style.

Barn Style Garage Doors

10. Hands Free Controlled Doors

With the new age technologies handsfree operating garage doors are very popular in today’s world. Adding up to that technologies are available to operate your garage door from your smartphones. This technology is very secure and can send you notifications in case of any breach.

Hands Free Controlled Doors

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