10 Fun Ideas To Decorate Your Kid’s Room

Childhood is a magical time. The ability to look at one thing in tens of different ways is limited only to children. What you might want to throw away can very well be a whimsical creature from a wonderful fantasy land for your child. We bet there are tons unused items lying around your house that you can use to decorate your kid’s room. So let’s look at some very fun and wondrous ways to transform your child’s room from mundane to fantastical.

1. A Canopy Of Curtains

Pick out a baby pink (or blue) colored, flowing curtain and create a tent out of it. A cozy little corner full of fluffy pillows for the children to nap in. There is no greater joy in the world than to have a place, a tiny little place, for yourself. Even for kids. Hang it on the bed and it becomes a barrier between the bed and the dark night.

A Canopy Of Curtains

2. DIY Bookshelf Out Of Cardboard

Craft and art along with some a great usage value. Let your children make their own bookshelves and we are sure they will take greater interest in their books and reading. Because when you create something with your own hands, there is absolute guarantee that you will come back to it and use it and more importantly know its value. The same goes with kids. The bonus, of course, is all the cutting cardboard into different shapes and then coloring them and decorating it as you like with your kids.

DIY Bookshelf Out Of Cardboard

3. Paper Clouds Flying Up In The Ceiling

This is an especially simple idea. No coloring. Clouds are white. No gluing and sticking. Clouds fly in the sky. Okay some gluing maybe required but you can manage even without it, for sure. Just take a scissor and twirl your way around the paper to make a nice, big cloud. Glue it to a thread and then find a way to suspend it from the ceiling. You can spend hours just looking at those clouds. Alternatively, cotton can also be used.

Paper Clouds Flying Up In The Ceiling

4. Bean Bags Out Of Old Clothes

Ah, kids grow up so fast! Well, as they do, they leave a long trail of unusable clothes behind them. The rate at which they outgrow their clothes is seriously alarming. But there is a very efficient way to use them. Find a nice and colorful sheet and fill it up with your kids’ old clothes. Close it with some sewing and threading and ta da.. done! Your kids’ custom made bean bag chair that they’ll absolutely love.

Bean Bags Out Of Old Clothes

5. Graffiti For Kids

Buy some art supplies. And then choose a wall from your kids’ bedroom and then forget about it. Let the ideas in your children’s minds run really really wild. Let them color and paint and smear their one wall with whatever in the world they want. All creative endeavors are allowed, but only on that wall.

Graffiti For Kids

6. DIY Doll Holder

There is immense potential in this one. No toys strewn all around the place. No toys lying unattended on the furniture. They have their own place to stay now. Of course, given that your kid puts them there. Or maybe we believe in Toy story and the dolls go home on their own. Whatever the case, this idea is both pretty and functional.

DIY Doll Holder

7. A Place For All Things That Write Or Draw

Get an empty milk bottle and carve away. These wonderful things are easy to make, don’t consume a whole lot of time, look pretty and encourage your kid to keep things neat and organized. A four in one solution for the age old problem of unruly stationery in your child’s room.

A Place For All Things That Write Or Draw

8. A Height Chart Made With Your Own Hands

Again, get together with your children and start this wonderful project. Not only are the kids excited to measure themselves up against the wall on their birthdays but also contribute to the making of this cute little height chart with their own tiny hands. There are unlimited possibilities.

A Height Chart Made With Your Own Hands

9. A Rag Rug

There is no other place in the entire house where a rag rug will look pretty and like it belongs. Use bright and colorful pieces of cloth in order to make it look all sunny and beautiful. Place it anywhere in the room and it will add to the lovely ambience of your child’s room.

A Rag Rug

10. Cloth Bins For Kids

The little rug rats have another bad habit that bothers almost every parent on the planet. Clothes strewn around the entire room! Place cloth bins in different corners of the room and make your kids use them. Pick bright colors that go with the rest of the room and you’re all set.

Cloth Bins For Kids

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