10 Fresh And Cool Ideas To Decorate Your Staircase Space

Stairs are often built in such a manner that leaves some space underneath thereby giving the owners some extra space that can be used for many purposes. But not many see the bright side of this space and that is why they let it be dull and this leads to the space being left wasted. To make the full use of such space and with the right mind and thought, this space can be sued for something special and cool.

There Are Numerous Things That You Can Do In Such An Area And The Ways To Go About It Are Discussed Below As The Following:

1. Hangers

Of course no one would want you to hang your clothes to dry. The cool idea is to hang your bicycles (yes let it sink in) under the stairs. With the cool idea evolving in the American region and especially in Philadelphia, the space underneath the stairs was used to hang bicycles and other sports related articles.


2. Farmhouse Restoration

A farmhouse is a place where often people go and relax and let the energy revive. A good comfortable chair is perhaps the need and secluded as well. Since the space under the stairs are not in open, a chair if kept under them can give you somewhat the similar feeling, keeping in mind the decorations around the chair as well. Grab a cup of coffee and relax with a book or some music.

 Farmhouse Restoration

3. Library

This is something that would have crossed your mind initially and yes it is perhaps one f the best ideas that can flow. Place some shelves under the stairs and place some books. A perfect way to get around people who love to read and have a collection of books at their place, the under stairs area is a good place to have them.


4. Traveler’s Collection

Talking about placing shelves, another cool way to flaunt your antiques and collection that you might have grabbed while travelling can also be done under the stairs. This could look in the form of shelves of columns holding the articles that you would want others to see when they visit you.

Traveler’s Collection

5. Kitchen

Yes this can be a reality. With small houses and apartments, having a huge kitchen can sometimes be troublesome. The area under the stairs can be used to build a small kitchenette that can suffice the needs of a small number of people or if the kitchen is already present, then the space can be used to have a cleaning area.


6. Lounge

Having a lounge at your place where you can come and read a book or just sit and have a cup of coffee or even have red wine with your partner. The area under the stairs if large enough is quite capable of doing the same for you where you can keep sofas or couches facing the window for a perfect mind getaway.


7. Wine Collection

Oh yes we were coming on to that. Back at the old days the wine bottles were always kept parallel to the ground in the columns and even today, the orthodox people prefer keeping their bottles in a similar fashion. The space underneath the staircase can be used to have such a familiar sight and even better if there is space around to sit and taste some exotic wines.

Wine Collection

8. Drawers

At times keeping stuff for a person who fascinated by anything, be it golf or football or mobile accessories or sports gear and etc., draswers are always handy in such situations. Thus the space under the stairs can come in use to keep such articles instead of placing them in your main cupboards.


9. Grocery Cupboards

Keeping grocery and related articles out in the open can sometimes be dangerous to the article and falling short of space will make it even worse. To counter this, the space under the stairs can be very easily cut into sections and be fitted with some wooden doors or planks to keep the area intact. The grocery and other eatables can be left in this area as this acts like a cupboard.

Grocery Cupboards

10. Mini Office

There might be a possibility where due to less number of rooms in your home might lead to not having a study area. To counter this problem, the under stairs area can be useful Just place a table and chair with a computer with enough lighting overall to have your mini office ready right underneath your staircase.

Mini Office

The above mentioned ideas are surely going to give a great impact in decorating the staircase area. Try them out and see the difference.

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