10 Fantastic Ideas To Decorate A Small Patio

The patio is an integral part of a home and is ideally used for relaxation and recreational purposes. However, with a shortage of space in the modern world, patios too have become small. But, it certainly does not limit your creativity and there are plenty of ways to liven up this wonderful place. Patios can be decorated with matching furniture, water fountains, bright colours, potted plants and flower pots. To start off, there are certain tricks and tips that will help you to organize this living space.

Here Are 10 Fantastic Ideas To Decorate A Small Patio

1. Fire Pit Design

The fire pit design is a unique way to decorate a small patio. Make space for an outdoor fire pit, enclosed within a stone wall. Create a rounded seating arrangement around the fire pit for a one-of-a-kind experience. Outdoor sofas, chairs or permanent concrete seating arrangement can be made for this kind of a patio design. A few flower pots can be used to line the seating area.

Fire Pit Design

2. Match Furniture With Patio Shape

Another important trick for decorating your patio would be to match the shape of furniture with the patio shape. It not only helps to maximize space, it reduces clutter and creates a cozy environment. A round patio, for example, can make use of a round table with four chairs that perfectly fit the patio size. Small sofas and chairs can be arranged here for a wonderful tucked away feel.

Match Furniture With Patio Shape

3. Install A Coffee Table

A creative coffee table can act as an elegant décor item. For a small patio, it becomes even more important as there are very few things to work on. An old horse trough can be used to make a coffee table that can be used in many ways. On hot days, it can be used for serving drinks while on cold days, it can either be used for lighting up a small fire or serving hot coffee in a chilling environment.

Install A Coffee Table

4. Create A Water Feature

A water feature in a small patio is a true delight. It not only improves the overall décor, it enhances its beauty and elegance. You can either install readymade water fountains or create a small waterbody in a container. Choose a broad based, wide mouthed, deep round container. Install a water pump, submerge it with water and place some floating water lilies on it. As you switch on the pump, water starts circulating. You can also place a flower pot inside the container. It will instantly liven up your patio.

Create A Water Feature

5. Choose Green Layers For Patio

For an open, airy patio, green layers can work wonders. Line the perimeter of the patio with taller plants. Place smaller flower or plant tubs in front of them to create a sense of depth. When arranged symmetrically, it looks wonderful against a plain backdrop. Try layering different types of plants to make your patio beautiful and elegant.

Choose Green Layers For Patio

6. Maintain The Natural Simplicity

When designing a patio, it is very important to maintain its natural simplicity. It becomes even more important when you are decorating a small space. A few colorful flower pots, beautiful green plants and a water feature may be enough to liven up your patio. You can also cover the inner walls of the patio with decorative stones, tiles or marbles.

Maintain The Natural Simplicity

7. Make A Cozy Room

A cozy room within the patio is an ideal place for relaxation. Use outdoor curtains to segregate a certain section of the patio. Hang a few lights, place garden lanterns and wall lights around this area and use a natural shade of climbers to cordon off the area. Place two small outdoor chairs to complement the room. It will create the perfect abode to put your feet up and relax with a book or a cup of hot coffee.

Make A Cozy Room

8. Use Chairs

Since a small patio is already pressed for space, it is best to avoid a lot of furniture. A few chairs should be enough. If required, create a concrete seating area along a wall. It will provide a permanent seating area which can be decorated with flowers, plants, bright colours and attractive lights. Keep a few backless ottomans for times when you have guests around. These do not block the sight lines and fit in perfectly in small spaces. Space saving, folding chairs are ideal for small places such as these.

Use Chairs

9. Add Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug creates a sense of space and will instantly make your patio look bigger. A simple white or green rug can be chosen for this purpose. Place it underneath the garden table and find out how elegant it looks. Use matching table cloths to create the perfect environment. An outdoor rug can also be placed along steps leading up to the patio. Rugs that replicate grass motifs are perfect for an outdoor space and creates the impression of faux grass.

Add Outdoor Rug

10. Make A Trendy Backyard Patio

To create a trendy backyard patio, use concrete pavers to line the walkway. Install a water feature and mix up grass, stones and sand to cover the patio floor. It will look like an outdoor garden and its minimal features will not encroach upon the limited space. Some potted plants and climbers can be arranged in layers around the patio perimeter.

Make A Trendy Backyard Patio

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