10 Fantastic Bathroom Makeover Ideas To Be Applied Today Only

 Bathroom Makeover Ideas

If you are renovating your house then this article is for you because we usually neglect that small but an important place of our house; bathroom. Usually while renovating or in makeover process we change many things but do not pay attention towards bathroom, we only fix leakages and cracks and paint it but this can decrease the beauty of your house so why not go for

Some Bathroom Makeover Ideas Let Us See Some Of Them

1. Increasing The Height Of Ceiling

Try to make the ceiling of your bathroom a little bigger as the big ceiling structures give a view of a bigger room than the one with less heighted ceilings. So even if you have a big bathroom it can give small appearances. The illusion of bigger space will offer your washroom a catchy look.

 Increasing The Height Of Ceiling

2. Add Modern Accessories

Do the makeover of your bathroom by changing some small things like commode, urinals and new washbasins. Choosing stylish looks and latest designs in these items will simply revamp the look of your washroom.

Add Modern Accessories

3. Add Electrical Accessories

Nothing can make your washroom more approachable than adding comforts to it. Use some hand dryers or geysers to make the bathroom look more modern.

Add Electrical Accessories

4. Add A Glass Panel

If you have a spacious bathroom, you can add a glass panel to separate the place where you take bath. It can be a few feet wider on the three sides of your shower. It is the best idea to give a luxurious look to your washroom.

 Add A Glass Panel

5. Invest On A Good Bath Tub

Shower is the perfect place to take bath and many people enjoy being relaxed under shower. But it’s time to add a bathtub in your bathroom, as it gives a royal feel. This can be used for a nice herbal bath after a relaxing body massage.

 Invest On A Good Bath Tub

6. Use Painted Tiles

Use some painted tiles in your bathroom floor and if possible on the walls too. This will not only make it colorful but attractive too. You can use 3D floor tiles to for a realistic experience.

Use Painted Tiles

7. Impress Your Kids

Have some little ones at your home? If yes, use the cartoon characters printed floor tiles in their bathroom, if they have a separate bathroom. Make a shelf for their toys with which they can play while having bath, making the bath more enjoyable.

Impress Your Kids

8. Use Light Sensors

Think about the glamour when every time you step in your bathroom, the light switches on itself or at night when it is dark, the light showing you the way. You can install these sensors in and around your bathroom.

Use Light Sensors

9. Add Storage Space

Add some shelf or storage spaces where you can keep essential things like face wash, cotton wipes. This will take lesser space and bear more things in your bathroom. Also this will make your bathroom look spacious.

Add Storage Space

10. Small But Attractive Bathroom Accessories

Some colorful towels, napkins modern hangers and fancy soap dishes will make your washroom stylish. Do not use white color much but if you have modernized the bathroom, then use only white color; it will give a royal feel.

Small But Attractive Bathroom Accessories

You can also add modern equipments like exhaust fan, jet sprays and other things depending upon your budget. But you should always try to go for a cheap makeover because if you invest too much in it then you can increase your budget on rest of the things.

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