10 Fabulous Garden Decorating Ideas With Rocks And Stones

There are lots of things which you can use to decorate your garden. It is always good if you can use natural elements, like rocks and stones. Stones and rocks are easily available and you don’t need to spend lots of money for the collection. Just polish your imagination and start collecting. You can use it as it is or you can make different items with stones and rocks. The main two things that you must need are time and imagination.

Here We Are Trying To Guide You With A Few Ideas That Can Help You To Make Your Garden Decoration More Eye-catchy

1. Stone Animals

You can find rocks and stones in different shapes and sizes. This is the time when you can apply your imagination quality to make attractive show pieces. Your basic need will be stones in various shapes, metal wire, and small parts of toys, colours, glue and imagination. You can make dog, cat, duck, frog or any kind of animal model. Place these in various places of the garden.

Stone Animals

2. Stone And Wire Heart

You can make a beautiful stone heart for your garden decor. Just hang them on the wall with hook. First, make a heart shape with a thick wire. Then cover it with wire net. It will be like a bag. At last, fill it with various colourful stones. Make it quite big. So that it can be seen properly. Hang it on the wall.

Stone And Wire Heart

3. Rock Footprints

You will feel excited to make this cute design in the garden. Do it with your family members so that the bonding can be stronger. Collect stones in different shapes and make it as footprints. You can make it on the wooden plate and place it somewhere in the garden or you can make a design with lots of footprints and place it in between the garden area.

Rock Footprints

4. Stone Garden Bench

Don’t buy tables and chairs; rather make it with your own. First, make two big and four small iron net boxes. Now fill these net boxes with stones, when it gets full then place a wide and thick stone slab on those two big net boxes and two wooden slabs on those four small net boxes. Your naturally made table chairs are ready for the morning and evening coffee.

Stone Garden Bench

5. Garden Markers

Use those stones which have a little bit of width. Colour them in red, blue, yellow, green and other colours. Write the name of various plants on those painted stones and design it as you like. Place painted stone markers in front of the trees. Markers will look cute and it will help your guest to know your collection of trees.

Garden Markers

6. Stone Strawberry

Take small stones and paint it like a strawberry. Make a huge collection of it and place it near the strawberry and berry plants. These stone strawberries will save your original strawberries. There are birds who love to eat strawberries. The other advantage is these pebbles will make your garden gorgeous.

Stone Strawberry

7. Stone Cactus

It is funny but beautiful. Make your own cactus and place your work in the garden. See if your guest can identify it or not. Collect some long types of stones and paint these like cactus. Place it in a small planter with sand. Put these cactus planters on the sides of the garden path

Stone Cactus

8. Vibrant Stepping Stones

Collect some rock slabs like round shape or square shape. Now paint it like a flower or butterfly. You can also make small slabs with stones and colour these like a gorgeous butterfly or flowers. Place these stones in the garden for stepping. This way you can avoid the mud and it increases the beauty of your green place.

Vibrant Stepping Stones

9. Stone Boundary

If you want to put barriers in between plants, paths, seating area you can use stones. You can make iron net boxes like design and fill it with stones. You can also put a single line of stones to give the barrier. Put some rock under the shade of the big tree for seating. You can also make a path with stones in the garden.

Stone Boundary

10. Bucket Planter

Take a tin bucket and attach stones on its outside with glue. After filling up paint it with a layer of glue and let it be dry. When it is dry you will get a new stone designer planter. Place these stone design planters near the garden gate with flower plants to make it more beautiful. You can make it in the same size but we will suggest for different shapes.

Bucket Planter

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