10 Eyecatching Bathroom Tiles Ideas

The most immediate idea of styling your bathroom that strikes mind are bathroom tiles. That is because there is no dearth of color pattern, variety, shapes and size as far as bathroom tiles are concerned. In fact the very foundation of a well maintained and stylish bathroom is based on the tiles used. For the purpose of using tiles strictly for bathrooms, ceramic tiles have been the most viable choice as they don’t get damp, are very durable as well. But most importantly it is the safety factor that makes ceramic tiles the choice of many. Add to that it is easy to clean and maintain for years, a quality not many types of tiles can claim.

Contemporary bathroom fittings including tiles are as diverse as the choices made itself. Whether it is accentuating the floor with color accents and contrasting fittings or keeping things to the bare essentials, eyecatching bathroom tiles seems to be the agenda everybody is pitching for.

Here Are 10 Eyecatching Bathroom Tiles Ideas

1. Reflective Tiles

This type of bathroom tiles has found place in the fantasy of many people across the globe. Also known as shiny tiles, the property of being reflective makes it too eyecatching to give a miss. In terms of practicality it is supreme for reflective tiles literally throw the natural light back from its surface thereby making full use of natural light to make bathrooms brighter.

Reflective Tiles

2. Wood Tiles

Don’t get bamboozled, let your incomimg guests feel the same once they step in your bathroom that has tiles which appear to be made of wood. Contemporary bathroom tiles are all about blending traditional materials scrupulously with modern ones. The seemingly wooden bathroom tiles are considered to be more suitable for smal bathrooms. Stylish and definitely eyecatching- in the woods. What say?

Wood Tiles

3. Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic finish for bathroom floors have the notoriety of developing cracks that clogs water. Mosaic pattern though still has a lot of takers. So why not go for mosaic tiles. The elegantly simple mosaic bathroom tiles is the most basic pattern one can choose for making their cozy point eyecatching. It is retro in every aspect, has a fail- safe design and traditional appeal.

mosaic tiles

4. Classic Black And White

Some styles refuse to pave way for the new trends. Same goes well for black and white bathroom tiles. The beauty of the black and white bathroom tiles is that it gels with your home décor irrespective of what you choose. Black and white bathroom tiles were and perhaps will be an eyecatching option for bathroom tiles in the days to come.

Classic Black And White

5. Seastone Tiles

Love the oceans or the marine life in totality? You are bound to be game for seastoe tile. In yet another art of camouflaging in the world of bathroom tiles, seastone pattern is a complete stand out. So much so that one may mistake them for handpicked pebbels found underneath the ocean which have been engraved in your bathroom. Suitable for almost any décor.

Seastone Tiles

6. Squiggles Pattern

Love for abstract does not even spare the bathroom tiles! The regular shapes and the same old rectangular or straight designed bathrooom tiles are not good enough for some. Squiggles is what brings a lot of uniqueness in the tiles pattern. Some may also assume that squiggles resemble the design of Eastern world’ s art.
Squiggles Pattern

7. Duo Tiles

It’s two tango even in the case of eyecatching bathroom tiles! Instill boldness in the busiest corner of the house with combo bathroom tiles. From picking two patterns which are polar opposite to each other or a combo of tiles which is subtly placed on the floor, you will not miss out on eyecatchy factor with the two styles that have been shortlisted by you. On purpose!

Duo Tiles

8. Color Play

Who said that only wall of the house can double up as a canvas to express your personna? Get alive along with your bathroom tiles that can be beautified with colorful bathroom tiles. The market is replete with many color schemes and themes of bathroom tiles as they are not considered garish anymore. A piece of advice- always choose a healthy mix of dark and light colors.

Color Play

9. Masculine Bathroom Tiles

The no-nonsense tone is prevalent in contemporary bathroo tiles as well. The reason- they are eyecatching an make a robust statement. Go for bold bathroom tilescolors like brown, navy blue hands down to give masculine look.

Masculine Bathroom Tiles

10. Classic Bathroom Tiles

Why? Because it has a timeless appeal and have been in the business for long enough. So why not? Also, the colors are so appealing which can make every visitor in your bathroom jealous for sure.

Classic Bathroom Tiles

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