10 Eye-Catchy Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Heart of every home is the kitchen. Food plays a vital in every individual’s life. Though the kitchen is not a place to showcase art, yet a decorated kitchen wall indicates the creative value of the entire house. Most of us focus on keeping the utensils, cooking gadgets and the countertops in a fashioned manner. We do not give much importance to decorate the walls. Indeed it is required to have some eye-catchy wall decoration done for a pleasant feeling. Eye-catching kitchen wall decors can be either purchased from shops or they can also be made at home. There are a lot of DIY options available.

Here We Have Presented The Top Ten Wall Decor Ideas That Catch The Attention Of All:

1. Wall Clock:

A beautiful wall clock hung on the kitchen wall brings an elegance and charm to every kitchen. Hang the clock on the kitchen wall in southwest or south direction. Wall clock hanging on the kitchen wall can be selected based on any theme related to food and utensils used in the kitchen. Kitchen walls are decorated with the clock to emphasize the time and to improve the artistic sense of your kitchen. For instance, you can choose clocks that show time and serves as a spoon holder.

 Wall Clock

2. Hanging Plants:

Simple Plants, primarily herbs, can be grown on the kitchen walls not only as a wall decoration but also a huge and purposeful thing for any kitchen. Aromatic plants such as mint and tulsi, when grown in the kitchen, provide immediate relief from cold. Apart from being the best source of providing oxygen, plants like Orchids are the best plants for combating chemicals. It is, in fact, a dream for every individual to have fresh greenery in kitchen walls.

Hanging Plants

3. Origami:

Origami is an art practised in Japan. Origami is folding paper into attractive shapes and figures. Paper art is one of the developing art in the modern world for crafting. This is different from the wallpaper. Origami art helps in decorating the plain walls with simple themes. Always choose a paper color to match your wall color. Start by decorating walls using paper flowers.


4. Wooden Cupboards:

The Kitchen with wooden cupboards is absolutely an ideal and charismatic in appeal. The wooden cupboards on the light color walls in the background makes the place even more vivacious. Wooden cupboards offering space for all utensils gives a clean look to the kitchen. The simple, yet effective decision is to have wooden cupboards in the kitchen walls.

Wooden Cupboards

5. Plates:

The best way to kill the tiresome work of placing the plates in the cupboards after using and again taking them out for use is to hang the plates on the walls. Hanging plates decorates your kitchen wall. You may choose plates of contrast color to your walls that brighten the look of the kitchen.


6. Framed Recipes:

Everyone loves to have a neatly arranged kitchen. Framing family recipe is an excellent idea. Hanging our favorite person’s favorite recipe framed not only decors your kitchen but always gives you a feel of they being with you. Try and hang framed recipes handwritten by them for additional personal touch.

7. Jumbo Letters:

Jumbo letters are the recent trend for kitchen walls. Using large-font, jumbo letters in eye-catching colors can attach foremost interest to the kitchen walls. They are made using thin, robust metal. These metals give the letters a sizeable feel. They generate substantial impact on the eyes. They are made with light metals to hang on the walls. Most of the people choose meaningful letters. Letters chosen may correspond to names or initials.

Jumbo Letters

8. Musical Instruments:

The best way to strike a harmony with your music loving partner is to decorate her kitchen walls with musical instruments. She will not only love you more but also will make efforts to cook your favorite dishes.

Musical Instruments

9. Wallpaper:

Decorating kitchen walls with wallpapers is an old school of thought. Bet they are very effective, simple, and elegant idea. Instead of just leaving the kitchen walls painted, it is good to include some wallpaper on your kitchen walls. It presents your kitchen with an entirely different feel. Choose the right color, theme and some delicate designs.


10. Collage:

Decorating kitchen walls with collage is a mind blowing idea. This can be a collection of photos of your spouse, child, or yourself from the childhood. It reminds you of all your sweet memories and rejuvenates your mind. Collage exhibits the value as they illustrate various aspects of your life, your childhood friends, family, and the most thrilling and significant events.


Try the above mentioned creative ideas of kitchen wall decor and get a total new look.

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