10 Easy Ways To Transform Your Uni Box Room Into A Cosy Den

A room is not only a place with four walls. It is the place where you spend your most of the time studying, sleeping and doing other favourite things. That means it is your own place which shows your personality. It is important to decorate it in such a way so that the room speaks for you whether the room is in your university or in your home. You can transform the room with your likes and favourite accessories.
We are helping you to focus on different ideas to make the room a cosy den.

Here Are 10 Easy Ways To Transform Your Uni Box Room Into A Cosy Den

1. Use Throw

You can use a throw instead of heating too much. This way you will save some bills. Use a heavy knitting throw or comfy luxurious fur throw in your bed for extra warmth. You can share it with your friends if they come to give you a surprise. The throw also can give you a seating comfort on the floor. Choose the bright colour throw to make your room livelier.

Use Throw

2. Lighting

Lighting can make your room colourful, bright and gorgeous. Use some twinkling light chain. You can choose the shape and different colours. You can put it on the mirrors or wardrobes or on the window. The lights will look really cool in your room. When your friends will visit your room to stay for the small room party then makes the light chain surrounded in the room.


3. Add Beanbag

The beanbag is an ideal seating arrangement for a small cosy room. You can study seating on the beanbag or you can also take it to the other room for movies. It doesn’t take much space. Buy the beanbag matching with your throw or printed to add some extra colour in the room. The beanbag is a soft, cosy seat where you can spend long hour seating. One of the best choice instead of study table and chair.

Add Beanbag

4. Use Rug

Are you feeling horrible with this stained and compressed carpet? The best option is to cover it with a bright colour pattern rug. Place it just below your bed and other places in the room where you don’t like it stepped it with bare feet.You can also use an old rug for this purpose. If you are artistic then make a DIY rug at home to show your friends your imagination and handcrafts.

Use Rug

5. Photo Frames

Your room should be designed with your favourites. You can stick your photos of love one on the wall mounted board with a pin or you can use photo frames. Bring some photo frames and place it on the side table beside the bed. It will instantly make your room livelier and cosy with your favourites. You can design with different shaped frames.

Photo Frames

6. Colours In Cushions

It is an easy way to add colours in your room with patterned cushions. Buy some extra cushions for your bed. Use colourful patterned cushion covers. These soft cushions will increase your comforts in the bed. You will love your comfy sleeping. Trust us your friends will love to spend time in your place for these softy comfortable cushions. You can also use it to seat directly on the carpet. Cushions will make your room cosy and colourful.

Colours In Cushions

7. Candle Aroma

Keep some aromatic colourful candles in your room. These candles will remove bad smell from the room. It will spread an aromatic sweet smell in the room which will make your room different from other rooms. The candles also act as a decorative item. So, you can visit a departmental shop to choose the aromatic candles.

Candle Aroma

8. Storage Boxes

You can keep all your belongings to the storage boxes. The baskets look sober in the room and it takes small places. You can keep your accessories, shoes, caps and bags in these baskets and hide it under the bed. The room will look clear and comfortable. If you like you can also decorate these baskets with ribbons, old cloths.

Storage Boxes

9. Wall Decoration

Your blank walls may give your room a simple and clear look. But you can decorate your walls with some huge photos of your favourite sports star or hero. You can also put your own picture with your parents or siblings. This photo will make your room bright, cosy and decorative. It will change the look of your room.

Wall Decoration

10. Hanging Lamp

Lighting is an important part of any room. A chandelier, hanging lamp or pendant lamp is the perfect for the small room decoration. You can hang one lamp just above the bed on the ceiling. You will get enough light to study if you will seat on the bed or the beanbag.

Hanging Lamp

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