10 Easy Beach House Decorating Ideas

The beach side is always a welcoming site as it relaxes and tunes your mood for enjoyment. The greenery around because of the tropical temperature, the strong cool breeze, the noise of the sea and of course the music inside the brightly lit shacks is just a treat to the eyes. It is pretty obvious that you want to keep this feeling forever and not let go. Thus, there are ways by which you can decorate your rooms by having natural decorating items such as sea shells, driftwood, corals, ropes and many more to possess ocean type décor. Remember, to get the best results, use colors such as green, blue, white and any other color associated with beaches.

Here Are 10 Easy Beach House Decorating Ideas

1. Beach Encouraged Bunk

Let the feeling be born as you seem to rest or place yourself comfortably over the hanging bunk. To intensify the theme, hang a guitar on the wall to show the musical side of you or hang a tennis racket to bring the sportsman out.

Beach Encouraged Bunk

2. Twin Styled

To sooth your mind, let there be a symmetry of twin beds, side tables with lampshades on them all covered in blue/green and white, so as to give you a coastal environment. To add to it, consider placing some small green plants in your room and let the wind through the window; astonishing.

Twin Styled

3. The Dine And Wine Joy

When it comes down to grub, placing wine bottles with corks and having bolls with sea shells or with star fish looking plastic decorations. Anyone would love to see some coastal flavored topping kept in an authentic manner.

The Dine And Wine Joy

4. Footpaths On Globe

To think out of the box, you can even paint a map or a route on your wall. The map could be your favorite outing or a dream place, whatsoever, it should get the guests questioning as soon as they map catches the eye of the other person. Keep the chairs, rugs and the tables similar to the color of the wall to give youself the maps surround feeling.

Footpaths On Globe

5. Beachy Bohemian

The beaches are all about vibrant colors and you should not hold back to use a lot of colors in your room. From windows to walls, furniture to lampshades, linen to accessories, let the color flow your imagination. Delightful, cheerful and bright, let the heart go fonder for more colors, no particulars.

Beachy Bohemian

6. Bamboo Framework

Let your verandah be themed bamboo style with tall bamboos as pillars, half cut tree stump seats, wooden dining table and the roof made of semi hay lite wood. If you had that open to all, it would surely be converted into a bar or a restaurant.

Bamboo Framework

7. The Oceanic Rug

How would a rug look like if it was painted in colors such as green and blue, placed on the door. This would give the very first impression as to what the home would look like from inside (definitely with a beach theme) and surely make you feel more calm as to the surroundings. The subtle shades of the ocean would look exquisite with the similar colored linen on furniture

The Oceanic Rug

8. Captain Hook

One thing you would locate the most in the beach area are the number of hooks available behind doors and on the walls. This is to help people hang their towels, or hang their clothes while they go to the ocean for a dip. Similar expressions can be used at your home as well, and if you feel short of items, place some hats (especially the captains) on them to give a seaside look. The styling of the hooks is up to your imagination skills.

Captain Hook

9. Shipwrecked Style

There is no need to sell out your old furniture. The older it gets, the better it fits with your beach side room. Tables, chairs, side tables, trunks whatever it is, save it to create a beach side look. Place a small wooden ship on top of these tables to provide a sea side look.

Shipwrecked Style

10. Full Use Of Ropes

Ropes have been historically in the picture as they are commonly used in beaches i.e. to hold the boat with shore, to dry clothes and even curtains. Yes, try knotting ropes and you could even turn into curtains. This would look raw and different. Since the presence of hooks is in large, the curtain hanging technique is one life hack for you not to forget.

Full Use Of Ropes

The above mentioned ideas are surely going to make a huge difference in your decor. So, try them out and see the difference.

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