10 DIY Wooden Log Ideas For Your Home Decor

Designing your home or any kind of indoor area is really a tough as well as an interesting work to do, it is very easy to design your indoor areas with expensive furniture and other home decors easily available in the market, but geniuses tries to decorate with cheap yet innovative decorating equipments and using logs are the most innovative as well as it gives a classic and traditional look wherever it is kept. If logs are correctly used to make different kinds of furniture, then it gives a totally rustic as well as classic look.

Here Are Some Of The Brilliant Ideas Of Using Logs To Make A Perfect DIY Design

1. Bookshef With Branches

It is a great idea to use logs in making an amazing designer shelf which will help you to change the entire look of your living room the shelf can also be used as brackets for hanging to different household articles like keys, raincoats, hats and many more.

Bookshef With Branches

2. Elegant Coffee Table

It is a very innovative and pocket friendly idea of an awesome looking DIY design for your living room, to make a perfect design all you need is few numbers of crates preferably soda crates which could be made the base of the table, then put a glass over the top of the base and your simple yet elegant coffee table is ready to attract your guests.

Elegant Coffee Table

3. Modern Table With Logs

Designing the legs of your tables is a very important task as the first looks of your dining table depends upon the way the legs of your tables look, so it is very important that you create an awesome design especially to the legs of your dining table, all you have to do is just take a whole piece of log and tell you carpenter to cut the center of it and then fix it with the table you can also paint it with attractive colors of your choice to make it more vibrant.

Modern Table With Logs

4. Rustic Furnitures With Chopped Logs

You can give a brand new classic look to your age old wooden or metal table by renovating it with some sliced or chopped logs and use it instead of your age old metal legs of your tables and look at the classic design which will surely grab the attention of your guests.

Rustic Furnitures With Chopped Logs

5. Designer Outdoor Table

Make an attractive outdoor table which will set your mood during your free time and you can relax in the pleasant atmosphere of your garden or lawn and enjoy the beauty of nature with your loved ones the table made up with logs will also match with the surrounding nature and will let you feel the beauty of nature even more.

Designer Outdoor Table

6. Furniture With A Poultry Crater

It is one of the best ideas to create an awesome piece of home décor innovative yet stylish work table or a kind of center table you can also make a study table for your children all you have to do is arrange for an old poultry crater used by the farmers and give it a new life by creating an amazing table by making it the base it will also give you several storage place so that you can store books, board game containers etc.

Furniture With A Poultry Crater

7. Unique Photo Frames With Logs

It is a splendid idea to give your precious memory a pastoral yet anomalous touch which will surely make everyone’s head turn just use some log designs instead of those age old wooden frames to give an out an out new look to your captured special memory and hang it on the wall of your choice and see the entire look of your living room will get changed remarkably.

Unique Photo Frames With Logs

8. Front Door By Using Logs

Using some lightly polished logs instead of those plywood for making your front door will give you a nice modern yet classy touch to your living room, you can use both painted or without paint logs to make your front door and it will definitely catch the attraction of everyone at the very first look.

Front Door By Using Logs

9. Sitting Bench Made With Logs

It is the easiest way of making an awesome piece of furniture by using some chopped logs of wood. Just take some chopped logs of wood make a bundle and fasten it together to create a simple yet stylish sitting bench and place it in your garden or wherever you want , but make sure you give a light polish to the logs to remove the roughness of it.

Sitting Bench Made With Logs

10. Renovation Of Old Furniture

As typewriters are regarded as obsolute thing now a days and now it is considered to be an antique but it is a very valuable article if you know its proper use then it turn out to be an awesome designing material, visit an antique shop and look for an old typewriter table bring it home and decorate it with some chopped or sliced logs and your bed side table is ready.

Renovation Of Old Furniture

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