10 DIY Projects To Decorate Your Entry Way

Entryway of any house expresses the residents and the internal of the house very much. It is the busiest part of the house as well. Most of the visitors of the house come through the entryway. That way it is very important to decorate the entryway to make the first impression. We all like to throw out the worn out coats and jackets, tiring day office bags, car keys at the entryway, out of the impression we don’t want to take the office inside the house. Moreover, there are shoes starting from daily wear to fancy party ones and after a long day in the office the idle shoe rack standing on the duty just beside the entryway is a “Will do it later”. In addition, mails and bills flying through the letter taking the easiest to reach place just by the side of the entryway make it clumsier.

Here Are 10 DIY Projects To Decorate Your Entry Way

1. One For Everyone

A few unwanted and spare tubs can be very useful to provide a place for everyone’s shoes. Take tubs and paint those with your favourite colour. Place those in the entryway. Fix hanger hooks in the wall above the tubs for their coats and jackets. This way the entryway could be more attractive and tidied up. To add more creativity you can paint the tubs in everybody’s favourite colour. Also sticking informal pictures of the owners somewhere in the open area between the tub and hooks could give it a fresh and dressing room look.
One For Everyone

2. Hang’em On The Branch

Interior decoration is most innovative when spare materials are used. This idea is to use a tree branch picked from the garden. First collect a strong tree branch which can fit the space and strong enough to hold the weight. Paint the branch to match the room colour. Hang it from the ceiling so the log can be in parallel to the floor and add some hangers in it. Your contemporary coats and jacket hanger is ready. Try pattern paints to give it a modern look.
Hang’em On The Branch

3. Scrap Wood Fantasy

Scrap wooden planks can be very useful for the decoration. Gather a few of them and shape perfectly to give those an even finish. Use at least 3 planks for the table tops, however you can use more based on the space you have. Attach 3 planks together with nails to make the top. Use the other planks to make the legs and support to hold the table. You can decide the height and colour matching your home.
Scrap Wood Fantasy

4. Introduce Yourself At The Entry

Fix a rack at the entryway. Place a few family photographs in the rack to give the entryway a fresh look.

Introduce Yourself At The Entry

5. Bench In Nook

Gather 4 spindle legs and a piece of plywood, size and height as per the space you have. Cover the plywood with a fabric with a pattern of your choice. This will be your seat top. Fix the legs at other sides of the plywood. Your designer and modern bench is ready. Place it at the corner of the entryway. This will be very helpful for tying the shoe laces or wearing the high boots.
Bench In Nook

6. Shelf Organizer

Use a wooden plank or a piece of plywood to use it as a shelf. Use a few metal angles to fix the shelf to the wall. This can used to keep the keys and mails. This will change the look and feel of the entryway. You can paint the shelf base to give it a more modern look.
Shelf Organizer

7. Hang It On A Spool

A vintage wooden spool can tidy up the entryway and can add a beautiful look. Fix any base of the spool in the wall. Use it for hanging the jackets or the satchel bag with the long sling.
Hang It On A Spool

8. Use The Spare Cupboard

Are you thinking about scrapping the old cupboard? It can be really helpful for using in the entryway as an organizer. Discard the doors of the cupboard. You have shelves already to use. You can fix a few hooks to the inside wall to hang jackets. Also you can mark the drawers to denote the purposes. Paint the cupboard to make it look nicer.
Use The Spare Cupboard

9. Storage Boxes

You can use storage boxes to organize shoes within the shoe racks. This way the shoes are not visible from outside. You can also label the boxes with the person names.
Storage Boxes

10. Band Holder

Get a wooden plank. Tie a lace around it and make sure it can hang something. Fix the plank with the lace in the wall. This can be used to hang the sunglasses or the keys. You can paint plank and pick the lace colour to match the house colour.

Band Holder

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