10 DIY Ideas For The Headboard Of Your Bed

Bed is the most inviting furniture after a long day of exhaustion and you want to get grappled in its comfort for as long as you can. Investing some serious amounts of money to get a perfect bed in shape and which is also high on comfort factor is not a latest development. But no matter how stylish or royal the bed looks, one section of this comfy furniture stays clean as slate; headboards.
Giving stylized look to your bed by designing the headboard with DIY ideas will bring more attention to the focal point of your bedroom than ever. The idea of having in a headboard is to provide rest to the bed with the back fully leaned on it. Why not take it to a different level and make the headboard your paint board?

Here Are 10 DIY Ideas For The Headboard Of Your Bed

1. Fireplace Headboard

If you are not sure about how the DIY idea for bed headboards will pan out in your bedroom that has fireplace then the best way to give it a go is by without investing much. Think creatively and just shift the bed against the fireplace. The advantage; you can position your bed that way as long as you want.

Fireplace Headboard

2. Sweet Memories Headboard

Photographs of your loved ones as DIY idea right on the headboard; what else can be better to get some peaceful sleep? Simply put a few nails and tie strings on them to hang a selection of photos that have captured moments of sweetness. The advantage; although rare, but you can keep changing photos after a certain period of time.

Sweet Memories Headboard

3. Quote-unquote Headboards

Whether you are a fun loving person or somebody always looking for some inspiration, make a statement with quote-unquote boards. This DIY method can be done by hanging curtains with quotes of famous persons or witty one liner! The advantage; you can even customize the curtain by going to fabric graphics designer with a plain curtain. Getting a to-do list printed on the curtain will be inspiring too. What say?

Quote-unquote Headboards

4. The Letter Headboards

Puerile as it may occur, in reality they are bold and pretty easy DIY idea for headboards. After all you just need the letters to be attached on the wall. Alternatively, you can also use digits and small letters instead of capital ones. Even better, mix them all. The advantage; try putting capital letters of vowels in English language, your champ might learn the consonants sooner!

The Letter Headboards

5. The Pegboard Headboard

For the Mr. and Mrs. White Collar, the pegboard headboard will carry all your office essentials. You can even keep your checklists, diary, and a host of other things that you otherwise find in your office table. Creative and thoughtful; oh yes, keep the alarm clock too!

The Pegboard Headboard

6. Ceiling/Headboard

This one is an extension of headboard to the ceiling and makes you feel like you are waking up in the woods; literally! The feel you get is that of a rented cottage house away from city snarls. For greater detailing you can use mini chandeliers for country light effects. The requisite; this DIY idea is a master class and you got to be absolute sure that you can do it. Seeping ceilings will dampen all the essence of this headboard. So, check for seepage now.

Ceiling Headboard

7. Bookshelf Headboard

This is a stunningly creative idea that will be a hit any day. Here’s what you do; move the bed against your bookshelf and let it act as your headboard. Master stroke? Keep the books open and place the soiled page books strategically so they make an even pattern.

Bookshelf Headboard

8. French Theme Headboard

Let everybody know you are bon vivant as you add European elegance and luxury with French theme headboard. Everything in this DIY theme of headboard should signify anything but love and pure class. For starters, use gold details for a golden finish.

French Theme Headboard

9. Cushion Headboard

Yeah right, you have been doing this for a while now but what about those who are too laidback and don’t want to miss cozy sleep. Since this is a DIY idea, the only suggestion is to use cushions as per your comfort seeking levels.

Cushion Headboard

10. Art Piece Headboard

Make your bedroom an art gallery with a huge art piece of something hugely popular. The simple looking headboard made of planks will be adding glitters to your headboard and bedroom in general eternally. Recreation of a master piece of the past is a great way to start with. Personalities, products that have become part of our life work best in this DIY idea.

Art Piece Headboard

Try the above mentioned headboard ideas and enhance the beauty of your bed.

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