10 DIY Ideas Decorate Outdoor Space With Wine Bottles

There are numerous items at our houses which we do not use and also are unaware about the wonders it can make to our home. One of these items is wine bottles. You can turn the waste wine bottles in best decorating materials by utilizing them in different forms at different places I the house. The outdoor space is the most exposed part of your house. You can use wine bottles to enhance the look of your outdoor space by using these stunning ideas for decorations.

Here Are 10 DIY Ideas Decorate Outdoor Space With Wine Bottles

1. Stunning Wine Bottle Wall

This amazing wall design created with different colored wine bottles and wooden support looks marvelous in the outdoor of the house. If you already have a verandah in your outer space, you can choose this design to enhance the look and style of your outdoor space. You will just need some wine bottles of different colors and support beams. Decorate your space with this amazing wine bottle décor method and flaunt your space with pride.

Stunning Wine Bottle Wall

2. Glorious Wine Bottle Fountain

This beautiful idea of decorating the outer space with wine bottle fountains looks so dazzling. If you have a pretty outer space with pebbles and a mini water body, fix these amazing wine bottles to glorify your outer space with an amazing view.

Glorious Wine Bottle Fountain

3. Beautiful Hanging Flower Pots

If you have plenty of trees and beautiful veils in your garden or outer space, use this technique to decorate your outer space using wine bottles. Take some wine bottles and pour them with different plants and flowers. Hand these bottles on the trees while attaching the bottles with the growing leaves. The veils and flowers will grow around the bottles and will look amazingly pretty.

Beautiful Hanging Flower Pots

4. Wine Bottle Candles

If you love to have dinner in your outer space and have a huge dining area in the garden, use this amazing method to decorate your dining space with wine bottle made candles. Cut down the wine bottles and place simple and small candles under the wine bottles and this would enhance your dinner experience to a luxury dinner time. You can also use the LED candles instead of the real fire beam candles.

Wine Bottle Candles

5. Wine Bottle Wind Chime

Wind chimes are stunning items used for outer space decorations. There are numerous designs available in wind chimes. You can make a masterpiece wind chime by using the wine bottles. This amazing wind chime is prepared by a spoon, some beads and vintage keys along with wine bottle. This is a simplest method to make a stunning and amazing wind chime at home and beautifying your outer space.

Wine Bottle Wind Chime

6. Beautiful Wall Decor

This stunning wall decoration is a master piece. If you have this design in your outer space, nobody could resist themselves to visit your home again and again. This beautiful wall decoration can easily be done by using simple items like wine bottles, flowers and ropes. Place the pretty flowers in the wine bottles and tie them with the rope above the wall. Place some ribbons and decorative items in the wine bottles. This astonishing view of the rustic wall and beautifully hanging wine bottles with flowers will make your day.

Beautiful Wall Decor

7. Wine Bottle With LED Lights

Nothing can be more interesting and creative as this idea. This amazing innovation created using wine bottles is worth using. If you are a lover of beautiful lights glowing during those soft and romantic nights, use this idea to decorate your outer space. Fill the wine bottles with led light series and place them on the tables or space in the outdoor area. You will never get enough of the view created buy this idea.

Wine Bottle With LED Lights

8. Hanging Wine Bottles

This stunning idea of decorating the outer space with different colored wine bottles tied with pretty chain is so glorifying. This show piece will definitely enhance the view of your outer space. You can also use various ribbons and decorative items for preparing this show piece.

Hanging Wine Bottles

9. Candle Bottles

This amazingly classy idea will rock your evenings for sure. Candles are the mood enhances and along with these wine bottles, they will blow your mind. Cut the wine bottles in different shapes and place the candles underneath. Just enjoy the amazing view which is so eye pleasing and gorgeous.

Candle Bottles

10. Wine Bottle Lamps

If you love the beautiful lamps placed in the outer space of your home, use this unique and creative way to decorate your space with wine bottles. Place the bottles in the lamp stand and watch the amazing view when the lamps at several distances will glorify your entire space with beautiful lights.

Wine Bottle Lamps

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