10 DIY Idea That Will Make Big Impact In Your Room

DIY tools are the best ones. You can really make a huge impact by following some of these DIY ideas for renovating your room. You don’t need any professionals of any field, just you or maybe your family if they are interested. You have a free afternoon? We have listed out the 10 DIY Idea that will make big impact in your room, just for you. Make sure you visualise and render your own ideas from the given, to carve your interest and liking on the already mentioned ideas. A tit change here doesn’t make much of a difference.

Here Are 10 DIY Idea That Will Make Big Impact In Your Room

1. Hammock Chair

Do you love your time with yourself and your favourite Dan Brown Novel? Getting comfortable in the position and in the sitting is a must for every reader. Sitting in the same position for too ong can be annoying. Hammock chair is probably the best DIY tool ever. It leaves your room very much different from where you left it.
Hammock Chair

2. Paint Chip Calendar

Many people have a habit of keeping a calendar to point out their monthly schedule and daily works. This one I very easy to make. A glass and some green colour, (any colour) pallets to put at the back and you are done. Get one dry erase marker and the best you can get is this awesome calendar which you can use every moth and every year without changing. And it sure looks wonderful in your study room.
Paint Chip Calendar

3. Pegboarding

No, Pegboarding might sound a little bizarre, but it is the best that I have here. It’s not just shelfing your walls but doing it with a sleep background and in any manner that you wish. It has now become almost everybody’s favourite and those who DIY, never forget this. It simple and yet look very beautiful. It requires no major expertise, just a little nails and sticking to give out the prefect look. Punch in holes with rectangular precision and insert the sticks wherever you want to. Decorate your room and keep your things at a place where they look beautiful and attractive.


4. Drum Shade

Do you hate those ceiling lights? Are they unattractive and you think there is nothing you can do to get rid of them? No, you are absolutely wrong. DIY Drum Shade are a perfect alternative to get rid of those ugly looking ceiling lights. They look very attractive and gives a romantic side to your room. This surely leaves an impact on your room and makes it look more beautiful.

Drum Shade

5. Kitchen Counter Top

Have you shifted in a new house and you really don’t like your kitchen counter top. Do you find it unattractive and something you wish to get rid of? You surely can’t just break it down, that will just make you less with space for your kitchen works, but there is one thing that you can do. Covering it with concrete is easy and later you can polish it and give it a look of your choice or rather leave it as it is, it looks great in that way too. Not many might be up for concreting, but it is the best way to get rid of those unattractive kitchen counter tops, especially to comfort your guests because your kitchen lies in your room.
Kitchen Counter Top

6. Wood Shelves

Wood Shelves are probably the best products to try your ideas and create some impact in your room. The best has to be, rows of wood shelves on the wall to keep all your things. You could differentiate your shelves for keeping different things like books, sceneries and pots, because I know you are tired of stuffing everything on the table and under it, that you really are in need of a place to keep your things, where they look good and still manage to be in your reach. You can try other things as well, like having the wood shelves all around the room at one stretch or a single row. Believe me, it looks wonderful and unique.

Wood Shelves

7. Paint Selective

This might look very easy and very much obvious. But believe me, people do hire people for paint jobs too. But here things are little different. Painting your room is a different thing but painting your selective areas is different. Do you love art? Then there is beauty in everything. Get wild and get some bold colours to paint you areas in the manner you like. Painting the edges of your window and leaving everything else to the way it is, shall surely leave an impact on your room.
Paint Selective

8. Rolling Door

Do you want some private corner cut out from your large size room? You are really not up for having a concrete wall put up and call some masons and then cut a door in between to get in and out. Well, this can be made much easier. DIY sliding door is a perfect alternate for that purpose. It looks promising, attractive and very easy to do too.

Rolling Door

9. Furniture

Get some wood and carve anything that you can. It could be a table, a bench or a book shelf. You could carve it into anything that might come handy and use it to make an impact in your room. It is very easy and very adaptable.

10. Flooring

This is very easy too. DIY Painted floor is very much convincing to those who are fed up of the old flooring system. This is quite common but gives a significant change to the room. Choose your favourite artwork and have it painted on your floor by yourself. No, it’s not painting with brushes, it is just laying down the texture on your floor.

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