10 DIY Hanging Shelves To Help You Maximize And Personalize Your Space

Having a small bed room does not mean it would not bring about space to you. You can create enough space to keep a lot of decorations and required stuff without making your room congested and tight. All you need is to get started on making some cool and attractive designs of shelves at your home with raw material readily available to you within your backyard. You can use any kind of design and utilise the corners of your room and not just corners, they can fill many of those space which you cannot even think of.

Following Are Some Examples Of How You Can Make Shelves At Your Home

1. Bucket Shelves

This is one of the most common and economical DIY project for creating shelves. All you need is some buckets and paint colour. Remove the original label of the bucket and cover it with the paint of your choice. Let it dry properly and hang the bucket on the wall to keep many things like books or CD’S.

Bucket Shelves

2. Rope Shelves

Another kind is the rope shelf which is very easy to make and it looks very beautiful than a simple shelf. Attach rope into all corners of the shelf by making holes on them and tie knots to attach both of them tightly. Hang the shelf wherever you want and keep light weighted stuff over there.

Rope Shelves

3. Branch Bookshelves

Branch bookshelves are very attractive and helpful in storing a lot of stuff. It would end your problem for space and would increase beauty of room. You can make your branch by cardboard or by using wood pieces. Cardboard is a lighter raw material but it would support some of your book weight. You can also keep a show piece on it.

Branch Bookshelves

4. Round Corner Shelves

Rotating shelves are another type which would cover your corner space and would let you keep many of your stuffs. Divide the shelf in to 4 parts and keep whatever you want. On one you can keep books, electronics on other and use the base one for keeping your shoes. This would give you choice to keep variety of stuffs at one particular place.

Round Corner Shelves

5. Pipe Shelves

If you have some of water pipes then certainly this style is for you. Attach some of water pipes with wood piece to make it a raw look style and hang on the wall or keep it on the ground. Water pipe wood shelves are tough and long lasting and you can keep heavy weighted stuff on it.

Pipe Shelves

6. Glass Jar Shelves

If you have variety of glasses and you want to use them for decoration purpose then converting them into shelves is the best alternative. Take some of glasses or jars from kitchen and paint them according to your choice. You can use the to keep flowers or hair brush or pens. These glasses give an attractive look to the room and are used for many purposes depending up on your requirement.

Glass Jar Shelves

7. Honeycomb Shelves

Honeycomb shelves are another type having a unique design and shape. Make some honeycomb shelves with the help of wood pieces and hang them to the wall. You can also paint them or keep them in the original wooden colour. Use these shelves as a part of storing things and decorating your room. Keep magazines, books, CD’s or a showpiece.

Honeycomb Shelves

8. Recycled Drwer Shelves

If you think that your drawer set is of no use then you are wrong here. Take off the drawers from the remaining body and use them to as shelves for maximising space and making your room look more beautiful. You would not be required to spend money on it because these are a part of recycling process and would be able to get a lot of space to store many thinks.

Recycled Drwer Shelves

9. Hanging Ladder Shelves

Hanging ladder shelves are very attractive and can store many of your home stuff. You can use chains to hang your ladder shelf and can hang it in your kitchen. These type of shelves are tuff and would let you keep a lot of heavy things without any complaints.

Hanging Ladder Shelves

10. Peg Board Shelves

If you have a peg board with you then better convert it into shelving service because this would let you keep many things and would also increase the beauty of the room. Moreover these shelves are convertible by taking out shelf base and changing their places for creating different kind of space. This is an interesting concept of storing whatever you feel like.

Peg Board Shelves

These DIY shelves will help you in keeping your things in an organized manner and adorns your house giving a beautiful sleek look.

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