10 DIY Backyard And Patio Lighting Projects

In the fast moving tension filled world, there are some quiet serene spaces which give us a lot of peace. These spaces need not be totally on the other side of the world or one among the wonders. These spaces need not be costly and unaffordable. Simple spaces give us the much needed comfort and solace enabling us to escape from the trials and tribulations life loads on us every other minute. One such place is the backyard and Patio of our homes.

Here Are 10 DIY Backyard And Patio Lighting Projects

1. Tickling Tin Cans

Tin cans that usually have only a throw-away value are very useful to brighten the backyard and patio. Fill empty tin cans with water and allow it to freeze. Using a nail and hammer make holes in designs you want the light to reflect. Allow the water to melt. After drying, insert the bulb that fits in the tin can. Switch on and there goes the wonderful mesmerizing lighting.

Tickling Tin Cans

2. Jiggling Jar Line Up

For brightening the backyard and Patio, jars that are no more used can be taken and attached to metal wires tightening the noose in the necks of the jars. The jar needs to be left open at the top to lit candles kept inside. This gives a natural output to the environment making it a romantic one. The ambience it creates is astonishing

Jiggling Jar Line Up

3. Cupcake Stunner

The holder for this type of light decoration is the cupcakes holder itself. Buy few colourful ones of the same size or of different sizes. Inset bulbs whose sizes match that of the cups. Join through electrical wiring sold for the purpose and switch on the same. Beautiful row lights hanging from the top, giving out the design of the cups brightens the environment in a subtle way creating a joyful ambience

Cupcake Stunner

4. Wine Bottle Wonderment

Take all the empty wine bottles of different colours. After cleaning and drying them, fix them in your garden in an iron pole and hook it to an iron holder. Get some wick with holder. Close the mouth of the bottles with the wick holder. Light the wicks. These dimly lit colourful bottles make the atmosphere serene spreading subtle light around

Wine Bottle Wonderment

5. Dangling Paper Bulb Chandelier

Take a circular object made of wood or plastic. Attach serial light in different shapes. Adding different colored papers cut in different lengths will make the hangings attractive and flashy. The size of the circle can also vary depending on the space from where it is supposed to be hung from.

Dangling Paper Bulb Chandelier

6. Permeating Plastics

Unused Plastic cans, irrespective of sizes, can be used as light cans and will add spice to the ambience if these cans are textured. Using colour papers and other craft materials that can be stuck to the outer of the textured can, produces a beautiful tabletop lamp for the Patio. These can be used indoor as well as outdoor as table tops.

Permeating Plastics

7. Alluring Ice Lanterns

All that is needed to do this lantern is Latex Balloons and freezer to freeze the balloon filled with water. Fill the balloon of different colours with water through a hose pipe. Tie the mouth of the balloons. Keep the balloons in the freezer in an erect position. Allow it to freeze completely. After it freezes, cut the mouth of the balloon and do a mild ice carving to place a candle inside. Position them where you want to keep them with a lit candle inside. Enjoy the alluring lighting.

Alluring Ice Lanterns

8. Vellum Wineglass Lights

This creative preparation makes a paper into a beautiful light shade. Cut different colour vellum papers into uniform or different sizes. Lit candle inside wine glasses. Using the cut vellum papers, make different shapes of frills and place them above the wine glass. Making some designs by pricking holes in the vellum paper frills will give a panoramic effect to the whole setting

Vellum Wineglass Lights

9. Graceful Grapevines

Take a long piece of fence wire and roll it into a small or big ball. If you plan to use serial light choose multi colour or single colored one and roll it in a criss-cross manner around the fence wire ball made. Connect enough number of fence-wire made grapes through the serial light wire.

Graceful Grapevines

10. Glow-In-The-Dark Plant Holders

These are available in different shapes and sizes in shops. Choose what you feel would best suit your backyard or Patio. These makes the area subtly lit giving an elegant look to the whole atmosphere.

Glow-In-The-Dark Plant Holders

The above mentioned ideas are totally incredible and unique. So, try them out and see the difference in your bathroom.

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