10 Design Ideas For Small Budget Kids Room

Children’s room must be the most decorative and attractive room in the house. The room needs different color, furniture, extra storage and decoration. When you pile up all these aspects your budget must go up. So, follow some simple tricks and twists to make your kid’s room colorful, simple and kids favorite. We have some space saving, decorating and room designing ideas that will guide you in your budget project.

Here Are 10 Design Ideas For Small Budget Kids Room

1. Wall Art Gallery

This is the cutest idea to decorate your kid’s room. Invest your off days to make drawing with your kids. Collect those drawing and hang them all on the wall of your kid’s room. Change the drawing in every week or in every month. Make a combine selection of the best drawing, the funny one and the innovative one. This way you will get a quality time to spend with the champ. The kid will be more benefited because he or she will develop the skill, increase the concentration and it will be a great encouragement for him or her.

Wall Art Gallery

2. Wall Cube Storage

Wall storage with lots of cubes is just fine for the children. If you love to DIY then make wall storage for your kids. Paint it with a combination of light and vibrant colors. Try to paint the vibrant colour on the inside of the cubes. Place toys, books, soft toys, accessory boxes in each cube. This way the room will look bright and you will get enough storage for the child.

Wall Cube Storage

3. Colorful Study Area

Make the boring study area attractions by using some bright colours. Colour the shelves above the study table gorgeous blue. Paint the stripes where your child pin his or her daily routine with vibrant yellow. Use the colours which you have in your home from your last DIY project.

Colorful Study Area

4. Wall Sticker

Use some wall sticker instead of wallpaper. Wall sticker will be more cost effective. Select some wall sticker which is related to animals, dolls, cars or children playing or reading books or some cartoon characters. These pictures will impress your child quickly and it will be the favourite room décor.

Wall Sticker

5. Pattern Accessories

Gorgeous accessories can change the look of your children’s room instantly. Decorate the children’s bed with lots of pillows. Select different and vibrant color pillow is covered with various patterns. The pillows will give your child comfort and different colors and patterns will make the room eye-catching.

Pattern Accessories

6. Buy Things Over Time

Instead of buying all furniture at a time you can buy these items over time. This way you will be safe from huge expense. The idea will add colourful and diverse look in the room. Moreover the furniture will be according to your child’s need.

Buy Things Over Time

7. Pretty Pink Bedroom

Little girls love the princess house or doll house and the colour pink. So here is the idea. Make a wonderful canopy of pink dress material by tiding it on the ceiling. Cover the bed with the canopy. Use a pink shredded bed sheet and rug on the bed. At last hang a pink chandelier from the ceiling. You can build the chandelier by DIY project with your child’s help.

Pretty Pink Bedroom

8. Soothing Shades In Girls Room

Keep your girl’s room in plain white. Add colours through the bed sheets, blankets, pillows and floor mats. This room design will be cost effective and soothing. You can arrange a floor mat in a pretty pink colour or the blanket and bed sheet, curtains in various patterns. Even you can add colours through furnitures and accessories. This way the room will look peaceful as well as nice.

Soothing Shades In Girls Room

9. Wonderful Applique Curtains

Children need some colours and happening items for their room. A dull room never can be perfect for the kids. You can renovate your curtains to the children’s room by some designs and applique. Try cutting shapes of cars, small hut, toys or any kind of shape like diamond shape or round shape and stitch these on the white boring curtains. You can add some colourful beads at the end. The applique and designs can be done with your old stitching stocks.

Wonderful Applique Curtains

10. Storage Boxes

Storage is a very necessary item for kids room. The reason is to keep the room neat and clean. Use small storage boxes to keep the games, daily accessories of the kid, reading needs, small important items in place. You can place these small cute boxes in the cube wall storage or on the shelves or under the bed.

Storage Boxes

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