10 Creative Yet Simple Summer Balcony Decor Ideas To Try


Balcony is always a special place of any house. Balcony is used for many purposes like spending quality time with your loved ones, sipping a cup of coffee, making a space for terrace garden or space for birds to live in. There is a lot more which is done in the balcony to make it a cozy place. But, summers can be a challenge. The balconies become very hot during summers, to maintain the temperature of the balcony; there are many tricks which can be implemented to make your balcony a cool place in summers.

1. Curtains:

If your balcony faces sun, you can install some trendy light colored curtains in the direction of heat. The light color curtains will help in keeping the balcony cool. The curtains will definitely make the balcony a cozy place where you can read a novel or can even take a power nap. You can also use any cooling material like ‘khus’ and spray water on it to make the area cooler.


2. Paint:

To decrease the effect of hot sun, you should paint the balcony with light colors, preferably white. The white color can be painted from outside because white helps in reflecting the heat. To give a happening look to your balcony, you can paint your balcony in different light colors from inside. Paint the roof of the balcony as well. If you do not have roof in the balcony, you can use the cooling shields decrease the temperature of balcony area.


3. Furniture:

The balcony can be decorated with appropriate furniture. A small round table would look nice. It can be supported with wooden stool or small chairs. You can even decorate the balcony with your own created DIY furniture. You may keep ethnic furniture if you already have it.


4. Flowers:

Flowers can be used at all times because they provide a refreshing environment to the area they are in. You may keep different flowers as per the season and location you live in. If you do not want to put natural flowers, you can purchase artificial flowers with beautiful vase which can enhance the look of your balcony.


5. Plants:

Plants will always help in reducing the overall temperature of the area they are planted in. The plants can be decorated in different ways. You can hang some vase in the balcony, or you may even cut plastic bottles and reuse them as vases. These plastic bottles if placed one below another, will work in a drip irrigation form, it will not spoil your balcony floor.


6. Wall Hangings:

The balcony can be decorated with beautiful wall hangings like ‘jharokha’, wind chimes, photo frames, paintings, etc. The wall hanging will give a filling look to your balcony which will make it go cozy and nice place along with an ethnic look. Make sure you do not put many wall hangings because it might give a messed up look to your balcony.

Wall Hangings

7. Mattress:

You can give a classy look to your balcony by placing mattress on the floor and decorating it with beautiful bed sheet. The mattresses will give a space for people to gather in the balcony to play games and have fun.


8. Lamps And Lighting:

The lamps and lights will enhance the look of the balcony. You can install various types of lights and lamps depending upon your wish and requirement. The lighting can give a romantic look to the balcony. You can purchase new lamps to install, or can even create your own lighting by using creative mind. You may even use chandeliers to decorate the ceiling of the balcony. Choose the size of the chandelier as per the size of the balcony.

Lamps And Lighting

9. Bookshelf:

This one is for the book lovers. All a book lover wants is a cozy book corner with a shelf full of books all over. So, you may install a book shelf by purchasing it or by simply installing a wooden old shelf. The old furniture can be converted into a shelf which can be used to keep books or any decorative as per your wish.


10. Fountain:

You can keep portable fountains in the balcony. The fountains will help in maintain the cool temperature in the balcony. There are many varieties of fountains available in the market from which you can choose as per your budget and wish. A small fountain would look good but the size of the fountain can be decided on the basis of the size of your balcony too.


Try the above-mentioned decor ideas for your balcony this summer and enjoy the relaxing moments throughout the life.


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