10 Creative Window Curtain Ideas To Decor The Kid’s Room

Children’s room is one of the most vital part of every family, the place where your kid spend most of the time studying, playing or sleeping. The kids room should have a room decorated with the playful features of the cartoons or the scenery that the children will love to stay with, this gives them a joyful nature and inspires them to be more active and spontaneous few educative as well as playful items can be used for decoration one of the very small but common factor are the window creative curtains :-

1. Flowers On The Curtains:

One of the most fantasized form of the creative work found on the curtains, designed with various types of  attractive colorful flower and leaves, which gives the room, the windows a trendy children’s  room. The heavy designs on the top lightened curtain material  at the bottom gives a balance to the designs where too much heavy designs may be not be attractive and light designed may not be eye catchy.

Flowers On The Curtains

2. Roof On The Curtains:

Decor your children’s room with the wonderful scenery emphasized on the windows, the top of the curtain is made as the roof top of the hut or a house with the lower end hanging with the light material once again balances the whole theme of the window that gives the appearance of the house or a hut.

Roof On The Curtains

3. Planets On The Curtains:

Decorate the curtain holders if you have a simple and plain curtains in your children’s room, the paper works such as the stars or the different planets of the universe that will give an absolutely unique and extra ordinary gesture to the room, the attachment of such things are educative and at the same time lucrative that will make the decoration of the room much more attractive.

 Planets On The Curtains

4. Pom Pom Hanged:

If you have bay windows in the room then with a sitting arrangement around the window place hanging poms poms on the ceiling of various lucrative colors, that will make the monotonous room a colorful and a childish like appearance which is highly important for the children’s room to look bright and active which is only possible through colorful objects placed within the room, the brighter the room the more children will enjoy to play and study within the room.

Pom Pom Hanged

5. Tree Branch:

There are various types of innovative curtain holders are available which you can use to define the interior decoration of the children’s room. The tree branches or bamboo like holders which are innovative and the curtains hung on the holders are amazing the curtains can be used of heavy material as the holders or if no creative work is found on the curtains, that simplifies to use heavy material curtains.

Tree Branch

6. Tent Like Roofs:

Give your kid’s room the tent like appearance by decorating the windows with the tent like ideas or various jungle tree stumps or leaves on the top of the window curtains and hanging below may be the light material curtains, that will give your kid a fabulous feeling of an adventure and thrill within the room that is an active environment.

Tent Like Roofs

7. Cartoon Themes:

Decorate not only your room or walls of the children’s room but you can also work on the windows or the window curtains designed with various modern cartoon characters of their time, the whole room will give an extra ordinary convincing theme, the curtains designed may be customized according to the requirement of the windows  of the boy’s room.

Cartoon Themes

8. Fairy Or Angel Dresses:

Girl’s children room may be given a touch with the fairy dress materials fixed on the window curtains that will give the space a feeling in the room of the fairies along with other decoration within the room related to the fairy tales, the fixing of the curtains as the fairy dresses or any other frocks will emphasis a different and wonderful atmosphere.

Fairy Or Angel Dresses

9. Clouds On The Curtains:

One of the beautiful decoration is the white floating clouds on the sky, that can be fixed on the hangers of the curtains, the matching curtains of white or blue or may  be the combination of the both will exhibit a splendid environment to the room. Various colorful small flowers or birds can be placed on the windows.

Clouds On The Curtains

10. Mickey On The Curtains:

Though an old form of Disney world Mickey still exhibits a candy look to the children’s room, the windows with the cartoon features of the Micky or Donald will explode the positivity of the cartoon characters of the children’s room. The combination of the bright colors extrudes the decoration of the room.

Mickey On The Curtains

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