10 Creative And Low-Budget DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas

The courtyard or the out space in the house is one such place, where you can do various things. One of the most interesting things is having a bar in that area. It is a place where you would like to chill and have fun in the summers or the chilly winter nights where you along with your friends are sitting, listening to music and have a fire pit around. There are many different kinds if bar sets up that you can do, which are cost effective and can be easily made in the limited space. Utilization of the space is a must and having a small mini bar is one of the coolest things that you can do and make it look interesting and artistic. Having a low budget bar in the outdoor is something that is very cool and you do not really have to spend a lot on it. The basic cost, which a carpenter might ask for is one thing where you will be spending some amount, and if you know how to fix things, then you can do it all by yourself. There are a lot of DIY bars that you can make in your outdoor areas and make it look stunning and best.

Here Are the 10 most creative and low budget DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas

1. A Simple Bar Trolley

This is one the simplest and also amongst the most creative bar that you can make it all by yourself. If you have an old trolley kept in your house and you are not using it at all, then convert it into a mini bar, which you can use for your outdoor party. It is cool and is also very cost effective.

A Simple Bar Trolley

2. The Hanging Bar

The hanging bar is one such bar that might take a little bit of effort, as in that you will have to do some designing and hang it on the wall properly. You can paint it however you want and it looks really cool. The best ones looks with either a proper wooden finish or the ones that are totally rustic. Depending on the area around, you can choose the best once.

The Hanging Bar

3. Bamboo Table Bar

This is one cool bar and it can easily be made. All you need is some wood panels and a wooden log. You can make the panels as the stand and use the wooden log as the surface and keep it in the outdoor area. The table looks really cool and you can use it as a bar in the evenings and like a normal table during the day.

Bamboo Table Bar

4. The Tall Shelf Bar

This is one such bar, which is just like an open cupboard and has a back support and few shelves to keep the bottles and other necessary things. It is very simple to make and is cost-effective and you can DIY.

The Tall Shelf Bar

5. Use The Storage Drums To Make The Bar

It is a very cool idea to make a bar. All you need is the storage drums and use them as the stands. Get either a wooden panel for the tabletop or use the top of the drums and store the bottles in it and use it whenever.

Use The Storage Drums To Make The Bar

6. The Simple Wooden Table

This is the easiest and low cost effective bar table, which you can use in the outdoor area. It is a simple table made of wood. If you want to add something more to it, you can always create a gap in between where you can store all your bottles, and also give the table some different shape making it look more creative.

The Simple Wooden Table

7. Box Bar

It is a very interesting concept and a great idea. If you have a box, which is big enough and you do not use it all, then use it as a bar and keep it in the outdoor of your house. You can add some shelves or partitions on it of you want and store all your bottles in it.

Box Bar

8. Paneled Bar

This looks more like a fenced table with a simple wooden tabletop. It is cost effective and you can DIY. The table looks really nice and it is also very easy to make.

Paneled Bar

9. Use The Old Wooden Ladder To Make The Bar

If you have a spare ladder, then use it as a bar. It is a very creative idea and is cheap and you will spend almost nothing on it.

Use The Old Wooden Ladder To Make The Bar

10. Brick Bar

Brick Bar is a kind of bar, which is made of simple and plain bricks and it is made like a table. You can easily do it by yourself and enjoy the bar.

Brick Bar

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