10 Cool And Eye Catchy Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas


There was a time when bathrooms used to be the least decor themed rooms in the house. People would opt for greasy grey tiles or immaculate white ones that made it look more like a hospital washroom. With the new generation raring to experiment in the bathroom the shower tiles have gone through a major makeover from being spa-like to modern sleek neutrals. We have some of the most eye- catchy themed bathroom tiles that would make you want to stay in the shower for hours.

Unique Eye Popping Bathroom Shower Tiles:

1. Sparkle Copper Penny Tile:

All you need is a little sparkle to feel alive, these penny copper tiles give an interesting dimension to the shower floor. You can be creative and come up with a copper mosaic patterns, these tiles are very durable and you wouldn’t have to worry about maintaining them too much. There are various DIY methods to install these tiles on the bathroom floor.

Sparkle Copper Penny Tile

2. Metallic Finish Tile:

Looking for contemporary mixed with modern style for your shower tile then go for the metallic finish. Their reflective property adds a touch of luxury, opt for gold, silver, brass, and platinum finish. Matte mosaic metallic finish has become increasingly popular, gun metal mosaic finish is also one of the preferred choices. It is easy to maintain as well, this style is the perfect choice for walk-in shower.

Metallic Finish Tile

3. Marble Tile:

Marble displays opulence and decadence, the bathroom could turn into an artistic impression with this luxurious stone. Various themes and styles of marble can be incorporated to depict various moods. One can play with light-colored, dark-colored, contemporary marble, colored marble, marble with onyx, or horizontally veined styles.

Marble Tile

4. Glitter Glass Tile:

A surreal experience to shower in an enclosure decorated with glitter glass, it is almost like a fairytale dream. If you are a fan of shiny chic then this is the best alternative for you. A dramatic lighting would enhance the glitter work and make it look elegantly expensive. Bold blues, golden hues, pinks, and black tiles are excellent choice. This can be a classy way to decorate kids bathroom shower, especially for baby girls who love to play princess.

Glitter Glass Tile

5. Wood Look Tile:

Want a rustic vibe inside the shower, then a wood-like tile pattern running on the wall will add to the aesthetic sense of the theme. Rich textures, weathered look, reclaimed wood look, deep browns, wooden stone, and ceramic wooden style blendart the whole bathroom. Place the tiles in log lined feature to give it a wooden shack style.

Wood Look Tile

6. Subway Tile:

The most commonly used tiles in the bathroom can be revamped by using them in different color and texture. Style them in various patterns across the floor and wall to get unique designs. Mix and match white and balck, blue and red, grey and green tiles to make a stunning combination of tiles. Decorate it with glitter accessories and tiles.

Subway Tile

7. Oceanic Tile:

Everyone loves a beach themed decor, and adding the sun, sand, and waves in the shower enclosure are a neat idea. Mosaic tiles patterned as fish scales on the wall are an ode to creativity, beach themed bathroom accessories give it the classic touch. To make it look more like a beach shack add a seashore themed shower curtain.

Oceanic Tile

8. Natural Rock Tile:

A natural rock pool or water body is always soothing and relaxing for the senses, to get this idea into a city dwelling, one can use rock styled tiles to create the perfect ambience in the shower panel. The feeling of being one with nature and water cascading down the slate gauged tiles create a tangible bathing nook. The rock-like tiles also give it an authentic cave feature inside the house.

 Natural Rock Tile

9. Swarovski Tile:

For the ones who love to bath in sheer glamour the Swarovski crystal tiles add the element of rich indulgence in the bathroom. It can convert a simple concept into celebrity style fashion decor, make your bathroom a work-of-art with this expensive tile cut into innumerable patterns and texture. To achieve high-class elegance feature the tile as an accent wall.

 Swarovski Tile

10. Pebble Tile:

Pebbles look charming and decorating the shower space with these pebble styled tiles adds depth to the space. They give an aesthetic outdoor vibe to the bathing area, featured colored lighting gives it the chic modern vibe. These floors are easy to maintain and look stunning as a bathroom decor.

Pebble Tile

The above mentioned tiles ideas for your bathroom are just incredible. Try out these ideas and make a great change in your bathrooms.


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