10 Colorful Accessories That Look Great With White Walls

White walls give a rich texture to your house or office. It radiates a positive energy and creates an ambience. However, some portion of it needs to be flavored in order to uplift the look of your space. Some of the accessories have worked wonders to convert a simple nonchalant space into a luxurious enigmatic abode.

10 Colorful Accessories That Look Great With White Walls

1. Headboard

This is most commonly used in a bedroom. It is one of the most important stuff since it can change the entire look of your bedroom. If you want to make a statement, let the headboard touch the ceiling. The material can be chosen from a range of reclaimed or polished woods or cushioned fabric. It can be painted in different colors or kept as a single color piece. Even bookshelf wallpapers or books can be used to give a peppy look. And if nothing works for your creative mind, simply draw a design based on your taste and savior the almighty personalized headboard.


2. Window Shade

Window shades give a rich authentic look to your room. When combined with drapes or curtains, it enhances the texture and radiates a luxury. Window shades can be used from a functional point of view as a barricade for the sun rays or it can be used to augment the beauty of your room. The fabric shades come in a variety of shades and pattern. The amount of fabric used varies as per your need. It can be as simple as a Roman shade or as bulkier as a balloon shade.

Window Shade

3. Single Piece Of Furniture

If you reside in a metropolitan city with space crunch, you may want to restrict the furniture space consumption and yet retain the utility and elegance of the accessories. The first choice always is a sofa. Dark shade with fabric or leather material is left to your fancy either of which gives a stunning look against the backdrop of white wall. If you have a study room, nothing works best than a comfortable designer chair with a small open table. Thanks to the latest technology, convertible furniture is a rage in the market whose utilities are in plenty!

Single Piece Of Furniture

4. Painting

Have you ever observed in an office setting the pavements and corridors which are in white with just a few painting hanging relentlessly? It is the most sought after accessories which can have literally no limits as far as the art is concerned. And if you have some knowledge and interest in art and painting, this might turn out to be a Eureka moment for you! The size of the painting is a crucial element which needs to be carefully evaluated. Multiple small paintings arranged like in different ways can give a mesmerizing and lively effect to your room.


5. Pillows

If you want to maintain the sanctity of your white walls without covering it behind any artworks or paraphernalia, pillows can be your true savior. Decorative pillows such as embellished pillows can truly elevate the flourish of your house. With fancy edges and beaded designs coupled with rich and deep embroidery, pillows can be customized for every single room. Another type most frequently used are throw pillows, which can spruce up the overall design of the furniture and go very well against white walls.


6. Wall Clock

While every clock does the same function of showing us the time, few of them does it with elegance. Wall clocks have a special place in the minds of the designers. Playing around with the size and design can uplift the entire look and feel of the wall on which it is mounted. So if you are a do it yourself guy, you can embed a clock without any frame directly on the wall by assembling different parts. You may also go for a vintage clock for your living room. One suggestion – Go for the color which matches with your furniture!

Wall Clock

7. Grooved Library Shacks

All the bookworm pals might put their boredom for better use by stacking their treasure on grooved shelves against the white wall. Let the colorful covers of the books create a beautiful pattern for your wall and uplift the mood. The shack can be as small as small window or as huge as wall. In either case, it gives an authentic splendid look to your house.

Grooved Library Shacks

8. Dark Piped Furniture

Dark piped furniture embraces elegance. With the right kind of depth in the shades, the entire look of the house can be overhauled by just placing the furniture against the backdrop of white walls. The furniture can be anything from a chair to a cupboard to a shelf to a wooden trolley. This type of setting gives a welcoming feel to the visitor.

Dark Piped Furniture

9. Wall Lamps

Wall lamps act as a great designer element to illuminate the boring white walls. While most of the houses find comfort in simple lamps, sconces can work wonders for your place. Infact, sconces impart luxurious feeling which can set the right ambience at your place. Based on the size of the room and the type of room, lamps should be chosen to give just the right amount of light.

Wall Lamps

10. House Plant

Adopt Go Green mantra! Make your space more lively by giving a little corner for a house plant. The radiating green emanating from the leaves against the pitch white background soothes your nerves. The type of plant you want to bring in is left to your choice and ability to preserve them well. The size and design of the pot will earn you brownie points. Don’t forget to preserve the plants with utmost care. In the end, they carry a life within!

House Plant

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