10 Charming And Inspiring Vintage Sunroom Decor Ideas


Sunrooms are structures which are introduced into a house to enjoy the surroundings. They also help us getting warm during cold days and also a very great place to get vitamin D. It’s a perfect place to relax while enjoying a view, reading a book, meeting with friends, or even to sleep. Designing your sunroom becomes important, vintage space can be an adorable idea to furnish the sunroom as its most simple, cheap and yet the best way to get your sunroom look in trend. Below are listed 10 charming and inspiring ideas.

10 Charming And Inspiring Vintage Sunroom Decor

1) Go Floral

Floral is the best way to turn your sunroom into vintage setup. Floral print cushioned sofas, chairs with floral cushion, floral rugs, will surely have the vintage element in them. Any coloured sofa with some floral cushions topped on it can give that look. Also floral print wallpaper can easily give the look.

Go Floral

2) Eco Friendly

Eco-friendly, the word suggest go for everything natural and environment friendly. There can be unpolished woody furniture or sofas made from bamboo and pair it with cotton made cushion, natural fabrics and go green all around with various small plants with different sizes of pots.

Eco Friendly

3) Wicker Works

Wicker is a vintage in itself, so introduce some wicker sofa, chair or table into the sunroom with wooden flooring. Also, the huge land lamps can be organized or also a fire place can be introduced. Wicker baskets and pots can also be a decorative element in this type of sunroom. Wicker sofa with beige colour or white colour cushion and white colour curtain set perfect for the look.

Wicker Works

4) Check For Checkers

Checkers are old fashioned, yet loved by many and can be a part of the house as a decor in the vintage sunroom. Those checked tiles can never go wrong here. Also, there can be a need to balance the visuals by one colour furnishing. Beautiful green plants can also be a great match up. Checkers can be of any colour combination- white and black, Green and white, Red and blue, Brown and yellow, Pink and purple for that girly soul, any of the combination can work wonders.

Check For Checkers

5) Swinging

How about swings? Definitely a beautiful swing sofa can be a part of the vintage sunroom. The swing can be hung with rope and accompanied with wood chairs and seagrass sofa. Grey or beige coloured cushion, fabrics or rugs can also add on to the look. Also wicker sofa swing can be a great option.


6) Animal Printed

Glam the sunroom with animal prints, white border pillows layered over leopard pillows and a pure white sofa with black and white. A white and gold vintage table lamp can add to the look. An animal print rug will enhance the decor. Other than leopard or zebra, other animal prints can also look great such as giraffe, cheetah or even snake.

Animal Printed

7) Green Apple

This sunroom will stands out with its green coloured walls and windows with bamboo. A velvet green sofa and a gold lamp can be paired. Also, there can be white coloured curtains to balance the colour. Green with white colour is a great pairing, when wall, furniture, windows, fabrics, rugs are all in green – then pots, table, curtains, lamp, flowers, can be of white.

Green Apple

8) Brown Paired With Blue

This is a moody combination but can never go wrong in any season. Enjoying the warmth of the sun in lovely brown and blue sunroom can sound really amazing. A blue bench with some brown wicker chairs topped with white seat cushions and blue pillows. Brown wood windows and blue coloured curtains can be a nice combination.

Brown Paired With Blue

9) Rustic Room

Who doesn’t like rust; this colour can be for almost for all. The entire sunroom can be of this single colour. The rusty coloured floor, ceiling, walls, also same coloured unpolished wood sofa or rust coloured leather sofa can also go good, Add a ceiling fan and floor lamp to set a perfect look. The Rusty look gives beautiful vintage sunroom feel and can be decor without any confusion.

Rustic Room

10) Moroccan Style

In a Moroccan style sunroom, there can be a light blue sloped ceiling. Pair a peacock mirror on dark blue wall with some colourful cushions and pillows on benches in blue, some vintage or carved pots and shoe pieces can add glory to this style. Some huge metal flower pots can also achieve the beautiful Moroccan look.

Moroccan Style

The above mentioned ideas are going to add a beautiful surrounding in your sunroom. So try these ideas sit, relax and enjoy the luke sun heat with a cup of tea.

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