10 Charming Alcove Bed Designs

Alcove beds are the small beds that we see in the houses. These beds are meant to save the space and in that space they provide a bed, which you can utilize to sleep. This generally is used in the houses where the space is less and also sometimes the alcove beds are made to make a statement with a fantastic design. These beds looks really cool and it adds on to the creativity of the house. Jefferson introduced the first alcove bed when he was redesigning Monticello in the year 1790. He made a bed in the interior of the walls, to fix a bed alcove. The bed was made in the door way and later combined into two rooms. It was a fascinating idea and Jefferson admitted that he was partial towards the room and he wanted to make it. The alcove beds have a history and it is very fascinating to have one in the house. You can do so much with the waste space and make it look classy, interesting and charming at the same time. It is always a wise decision to use the wasted space rather than just letting it get wasted. The alcove beds are something very interesting and one should use makes these beds in the house if they have free space around.

Here Are Mentioned Below Are 10 Charming Alcove Bed Designs

1. The Alcove Bed Under The Stairs

This is an interesting idea to utilize the space and keep create an alcove bed under the staircase. The place is mostly empty and a lot of people usually leave it open and do nothing about it. You can create a beautiful alcove bed and make use of the space.

The Alcove Bed Under The Stairs

2. Bright And Airy Alcove Beds

It is one of charming beds and this setting is mainly for kids, who doesn’t have a room; provided your house is space and you need to get a place for the kids. In such a situation, getting an alcove made is the best option. It looks beautiful and you can also make it colorful.

Bright And Airy Alcove Beds

3. The Igloo Alcove Beds

Ever dreamt of living in an igloo, but never could. Don’t worry. If you have a proper space in your house, which is going waste then use it. Make the igloo alcove bed and make it of the shape of an igloo. It look beautiful and also very different.

The Igloo Alcove Beds

4. Bookshelf Alcove Bed

You have a bookshelf at home, which is on the three walls and you have an empty place in the between, and you have just put a simple chair and a lamp, then why not change it into something else and use that space to make a proper bed. You can relax and sleep and you can also sleep there peacefully with all your books around.

Bookshelf Alcove Bed

5. Space Utilization Nook Alcove Beds

This is one of the best places to use the area and create an alcove bed. In this charming setting, all you need is utilize the space under your window and create a bed. That can be use for multiple things and it is one of the best ways to use the wasted space.

Space Utilization Nook Alcove Beds

6. Alcove Beds Below The Slanting Walls

There is a slanting wall in your house and you know that you cannot really do anything with it. But you are wrong. You can always use that space, and make alcove bed. It looks great and the space won’t be wasted at all. You can also use that in times of emergency.

Alcove Beds Below The Slanting Walls

7. The Window Alcove Beds

This is a proper Bed just kept in front of your windows. This bed looks really classic and elegant. You can use it for various things and also sleep on it whenever. To add on to the creativity, add some colors to the bed.

The Window Alcove Beds

8. The Elegant Alcove Beds

This kind of alcove beds is mainly kept in the places where the ceiling is low, and you don’t really know what to do about it. Then make a beautiful designer alcove bed and use it properly. You can design it however and keep an elegant carpet under the bed and a center table also if you want.

The Elegant Alcove Beds

9. The Canopy Alcove Beds

This is a classic bed and it can be kept even in your drawling room. Make it look like an old classic bed with four long legs and cover it with a beautiful cloth. It looks really beautiful and adds character to your house.

The Canopy Alcove Beds

10. The Rustic Alcove Beds

This is a classic rustic alcove bed. All you need to do is find a place and create the bed. It looks very interesting and gorgeous and you can various colors giving it a rustic feel.

The Rustic Alcove Beds

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