10 Best Ways To Refresh Your Bedrooms

Bedrooms are without a speck of doubt one of the most important and the least bothered- about room in ones’ house even though it is a place where anyone retires to after a tired day. Well, anyone would think that bedrooms can be kept in a good shape by catering to the clean linen sheets, keeping the bed and the essential furniture in place and that’s it, but what one forgets is the fact that like everything else, bedrooms also require some refresher activities!

Here Are 10 Best Ways To Refresh Your Bedrooms

1. Flowers

Yes, we are indeed talking about the real ones here! Try adding some smell and scent to the room by gracing the side table with a stick or two of lovely flowers who not only add fragrance to the room but also adds a dash of freshness and color to the same as well! In case your room is airy and sunlight is prevalent, consider keeping indoor plants to pep up the look.


2. Perfumes

At the nighttime, it is always great to have a great fragrance in the room which also helps one to get to sleep early. Thus, keep candles (the fragranced ones that is) or linen sprays of your favorite flavor and spray it just before you get to bed. Calming effect comes automatically!

3. Display At Your Whim

Bedrooms are not meant to be boring at all and thus while you have art and craft hanging all over the living area, why not add some to your bedroom too? Add pictures and frames and wall hangings, all will help the room look a lot more cheerful, colorful and full of life!
Display At Your Whim

4. Think Music, Think Sound

While you prepare to sleep or when you are set to wake up, in both the cases music and certain soothing sounds can actually help you to a great extent. Thus, set the alarm which is not grating and blaring and instead wakes you up with ease and while you go to bed, set calming tones to the phone which will eventually help you sleep better.
Think Music, Think Sound

5. Clothes All Neatly Kept

Whether they are the clean clothes or the ones which needs to be washed, if you can keep them all neatly in their respective place so that the bed or the floors are not untidy, it without much effort can make your room look refreshed in no time! Try it and see the difference.
Clothes All Neatly Kept

6. Give Importance To The Bedroom Lighting

While you give a lot of thought about the lighting of every other room in your house, how is it that the bedroom fails to qualify in it? Being one of the most important rooms for you, it is important t that you spend some time reviewing the lighting and how changing the current panel can help. For example, you can add a fresh look to your room by replacing a over head simple light to a nice and small chandelier which not only adds to the glow but changes the look of the room as well. Think of placing the reading light just in angle to your head and also add standing lights rather than bed side small lamps as they take a lot of space on the table and at certain times gives less light too.
Give Importance To The Bedroom Lighting

7. Making The Bed Is Important

The bed being the largest furniture in the room, making it daily and keeping it all draped and nice helps in creating a great and refreshed look to the room in the due course of time!
Making The Bed Is Important

8. Softness To The Bedroom Is Essential

How about making the bed full with soft cushions and pillows and equally soft mattress and linens? Would not that add to the coziness and the softness to the room? Indeed yes and apart from getting you to sleep early, it will change the look and feel of the place too! Without much of efforts that too!

Softness To The Bedroom Is Essential

9. Clean The Odd Places And Rotate The Mattress

There are many places in the bedroom which are forgotten about and the corners which tend to be unattended to! Thus, it is important to rotate the mattress each year for at least thrice, and redo the furnishings and change their places to clean all the areas and give a new look to the room.
Clean The Odd Places And Rotate The Mattress

10. Bedside Table

Think of the things you need before sleep and after getting up. Create a bedside table which caters to all this and customize it as per your need. Simple1 It not only changes the look of the room but also helps you relax further.
Bedside Table

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