10 Best New Year Eve Dinning Room Ideas

New Year’s Eve is the most celebrated evening of the calendar. There is just no end to revelry, partying and food. As an occasion celebrated worldwide, New Year’s Eve has an importance of its own. Many families all over the world host dinner for their guests and family to mark the occasion that lets every one sit in the dining table together at least once in a year. And if it is New Year’s, you had better make your plans soon as Thanksgiving. The tradition has always been that the household which hosts its guests walks them through the dining room for supper. Speaking more on dining rooms, they will be just as elaborately decorated as any part of the room. A well lit, well stocked and well decorated dining room in New Year’s Eve adds much to the fervor.

Here Are 10 Best New Year Eve Dinning Room Ideas

1. Candles

Need them or need them not, you have to have them for New Year’s as part of dining room idea. The dim table cannot be made illuminating any better without candles. Candles come in various shapes and sizes and there is no issue in choosing the one that complements your dining table. With the availability aroma and crystal candles, the window of choice has just got bigger.


2. Gold And Grey Hues

The combination looks absolute stunner on the table during New Year’s Eve for its classiness. The two colors add great color effects in the dining room and get even more accentuated when candle light falls on them. The ideal way to start with the color would be the use of grey colored table cloths. However hard it is to believe or give a shot to, golden crockery is very much an attraction on the table.

Gold And Grey Hues

3. Chandelier

The easiest way to incorporate restaurant like grandeur would be the inclusion of chandelier in the dining room. Chandeliers give a gothic feel to the dining other than just lighting the whole area. This decorative piece too has several designs and shapes on offer that you can pick depending on the total area of your dining room.


4. Photograph Balloons

New Year’s Eve also gives you some of the memories that can never be replaced or substituted, one such memory being the time you spent with your family. To mark the occasion in your memory book, you can attach photo balloons on the wall that look super cool. Snaps of your family and friends add more warmth to the dining room and it is also worthwhile to take a glance at them. Just make sure you keep them away from the dining table and that they are attached to the ceiling properly.

Photograph Balloons

5. Christmas Decorations

It’s only a week later that New Year’s Eve comes knocking at the door and you may struggle to have an out of the box decoration ideas. Therefore, it is wise to use the spare Christmas decorative items as they still appeal the mood and occasion. Christmas tree balls, soft toys and even confetti can be used to great effect.

Christmas Decorations

6. Yellow Lights

Candles do emit yellow color but natural light may not be enough to illuminate a large dining room. Hence you should invest some money on yellow lights. These are easily available and do more than needful to give subtle lighting in the room. Ambience is set real high with the coziness of yellow lights.

Yellow Lights

7. Wooden Dining Table

You are in luck if you already have one. Wooden table should be preferred over the fancier materials as wood provides great coziness in the room on a chilly night like the New Year’s. Wood is also pretty rustic in charm and looks pretty much decent even when it is not in its best shape. Wooden dining tables can also gel with almost every décor as well.

Wooden Dining Table

8. Candle Chandelier

The idea is pretty much conceived by many and it can be gotten along with as well. Candle chandelier may look a little unpolished but they can be used because of their sheer novelty.

Candle Chandelier

9. DIY Decorations

Simple and sweet; a DIY decoration as simple as a bulletin cheering and wishing all your members on New Year’s can hardly be ineffective. It is also a great way to engage kids so they can make the most of the occasion with their ideas.

DIY Decorations

10. Candy Jar

A perfect supper on New Year’s Eve concludes on a sweet note, a candy jar will help you in getting on with it. Guests and friends will love it too. Help yourself by keeping the jar out of children’s reach to avoid a sudden candy raid!

Candy Jar

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