10 Best Ideas Of Four Poster Beds

Are you planning to make your bedroom exceptional with some special touch? A four- poster bed is the perfect glamorous choice for you. It definitely adds some special difference in the bedroom. We almost spend one third of our life at the bed. So it is very important to find a perfect place for sleeping. There are lots of options in the four-poster bed, like, luxurious, modern or antique. The four-poster bed means a bed which has four columns in each corner. This bed really change the look of the room. It can be well decorated or simply attractive. The bed and its type and the decoration is totally depends on the choice of yours,

Here Are 10 Best Ideas Of Four Poster Beds

1. Classic Bed

This is the classic types of four-posted bed. It has classic wooden rods. The bed is just like the other bed. But its specialty is the four rods which are made of the same design. Actually the wooden rods are designed like antique bed slightly curved and have a vintage look without any roof designs. The bed is mostly made of the oak tree or teak wood. But it should be polished in dark wooden color.

Classic Bed

2. Country Cover

This kind of classic four- posted beds established different kind of look at the bedroom. The main structure of the bed looks vintage. An extra cloth will cover the upper portion and the side of the head. The upper portion has three extra horizontal rods and the cloth is covered over these rods. The side where you will place your head that place will must covered with this cloth cover.

Country Cover

3. Sophisticated White

This four-posted bed looks lovely with the white look of the room. The bed looks antique, has a small curve designed legs, designer supports on the side of the head and four designer rods. The upper portion of the bed is fully covered with white transparent cloth and the sides have designed cloth. The sheer cloth is there also on the each corner of the bed, beside the wooden bars . The design of the room and other furniture all should look white with this white four-poster bed.

Sophisticated White

4. Dreamy Effect

In a stylish, plain and simple room deserves an extra ordinary treatment in the bed. This idea is plain and simple bed with some thin rods. Few rods are designed on the upper side of the bed so that the transparent white colored cloth cover looks designed and uneven in style. The four corners will be designed with the same cloths but it looks like cloth pillar.

Dreamy Effect

5. Curtain Elegance

The bed is simple with four bars on each corner of the bed. The bars are well shaped, thin and look simple. Now a simple plain white long cloth is placed on the upper side of the bed. The motto is to protect the sleep from the direct light so that the dream stays secured and you get a good sleep. The idea is just simple and authentic.

Curtain Elegance

6. Natural Look

This four-poster bed design can give you a very natural unfinished wooden look. The bed is in the simple design with the natural and raw wooden look. You can change the look of your bedroom with this wonderful idea. The four posters also look simple and authentic. Several times you can find some whitish unfinished look in the bed. The raw wooden look is simple.

Natural Look

7. Clean Affair

If you love simple sharp and contemporary look in your bed then this will be the best buy. The entire bed is in dark brown colour. The shape if sharp rectangular. The design is very simple and sober. It has no extra cloth design or any wooden design. Just it looks bold and beautiful with simplicity. If you can arrange the other furniture simple and dark brown color then this room will look elegant.

Clean Affair

8. Classic Twist

The room is decorated in the mid- century decor. So the idea is to arrange the bed in clear lined dark color design. The upper corner of each corner of the room looks like a cross type of design. The bed looks like a classic type bed which is simple yet elegant. The bed design looks plain and brown type of wooden polish.

Classic Twist

9. Designer Spindle

The main USP of this bed is its designer spindles. The bed is in the white and the spindles are designed with curves and straight design. It looks good in loft ceiling. In fact, it has a highly feminine over all look. The bed is well designed and it looks cool if the entire room is in the white and the wall just behind the bed is in the dark color.

Designer Spindle

10. Fresh Green Effect

If you can wake up with the green effect in the morning no doubt that you will feel fresh. The idea is the bed has iron rods in each corner. A simple natural color drape will just increase the beauty of the unique designer bed. You can keep a long house plant beside the bed to make it more attractive.

Fresh Green Effect

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