10 Best Garden Décor Ideas Out Of The Waste

It is the great idea to decorate your garden with the waste. We know about the benefits of the recycling. So, we can follow this idea to improve the look of the garden. This way you will stimulate your creativity and pass a great time. When you will complete the decoration you will feel good about your imagination quality. It will definitely boost your mood and energy. Lots of ideas are available for the garden décor. But try to apply your own ideas and nourish your creativity.

Here Are Some Ideas Which You Can Follow To Décor Your Garden With Waste

1. Spare Circular Fish Jar

Collect an old fish jar which is round. Fill its small part with small size stones and a small plant. Manage to make a hole at the bottom of the glass jar. This hole will manage the watering process. You can also put some soil to the bottom of the jar and place some coloured stones on the soil and put a smaller size flower plant. Place this jar various places of the garden. It will bring a new look for your garden.

Spare Circular Fish Jar

2. Hanging Fish Aquarium

There is another idea by which you can decorate the garden very well. Put some soil and select those plants which need a little amount of water daily. Collect multiple old fish jars and hang them in the garden. This hanging gardening will give your garden a different look.

Hanging Fish Aquarium

3. Decorate Pot With Stick

The wooden stick is the most common waste in the garden. Take a dry wooden stick cut it diagonally in same width. Paste those round shaped piece of the stick with glue on the plant pot. Don’t make any gap. This unique design doesn’t need any colouring. You can change this design frequently to make the plant pots new. You can place these natural designer pots in the garden to give it uniqueness.

Decorate Pot With Stick

4. Plastic Waste Cans

Arrange some same big size plastic bottle and cut them at handle side. Put some soil and plant some small size plants. You can place these bottle shaped pots inside your room or outside the garden. Make them look best by placing them together. You can also colour these bottle shaped pots to make it more beautiful.

Plastic Waste Cans

5. Old Ribbons

Utilize your old cloth ribbon to renovate the garden. Collect cloth ribbon or lace and stick them with some designs on the pots. Make various designs on the different pots. Make some unique designs. This way you will make those pots eye-catching and it will give a completely different look to your garden.

Old Ribbons

6. Stones

Use your imagination and create some design with stones. Collect stones in different colours and shapes. Make some unusual designs, like, small foot, or flowers. Put it in the center of the garden. It will be the main attraction of your neighbours and guests.


7. Stick To Pots

Collect same size small wooden stick from the garden. Then bind them with thread around the small container of the plant. It will like small plant in the pot of the wooden stick. You can place this natural pot on your window or you can place it in the garden. But remember you have to change this design frequently to keep this wooden look.

Stick To Pots

8. Milk Powder Can

You can’t imagine gardening without birds. Collect some milk powder can and colour them red, yellow, green and pink and hang them with the tree. Put some dried grass inside the can. Put some bird food inside the can daily. This way various small birds will come to your garden. This decoration will not only give a beautiful look to the garden, but it will bring some birds too.

Milk Powder Can

9. Old Furniture

You can utilize your old furniture as the planter. If you have a table drawer, then you can make the drawers as the planter and plant there small flower plants. Place a few pots on the table. If you have any old window then you can hang few pots from the frame. This way your old furniture will become a part of your small decorative garden.

old furniture

10. Old Clothes

Create a unique signature to your garden. Collect some old clothes and paste them with glue on the flower pots. So that the pots look in various cloth designs. Decorate your garden with these colourful designer pots. If you want to do some more then you can design those designer pots with multi-coloured stones, small glasses and ribbons. You can place these pots inside your balcony or in the living room.

Old Clothes

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