10 Best Flooring Ideas For Your Bathroom

Bathroom flooring must be durable and classy. It is important for the look. There have lots of choices for the bathroom floors. You need to decide which flooring is perfect for you and your family. May be slippery floor is dangerous for your children. May be you like glamorous and chic finishing bathroom floor. Many unusual materials are available today for the flooring. Like hardwood, laminate, PVC, cork and rubber flooring. These materials are really good for the bathroom flooring. If you like gorgeous finishing floors in bathroom then you can select the granite, marble, polished concrete.

Let’s Have A Look At Different Types Of Flooring For The Bathroom

1. Wooden Floor

You must be surprised to know that many people prefer wooden floor of the bathroom. Hardwood flooring with bamboo or teak is really good on the basis of durability and look. The other choices are engineered wood and laminate finishing with PVC especially in the bathroom. You need to appoint an efficient bathroom designer for this work. Solid wood and laminate floors are not really good for the bathrooms because the material can swell, bend and discolor.

Wooden Floor

2. Pebble Stone Tile Floor

If you prefer uncommon designs and materials for your bathroom flooring then go for the pebble stone tile floor. It is uncommon, gorgeous and looks lovely. When your feet will touch the pebbles you will feel comfortable. The floor will look different and obviously upgrade the style of the place.

Pebble Stone Tile Floor

3. Rustic -Look Floor

Tiles are very common material for the bathroom. You can select some rare kind of tiles to make your bathroom special and attractive. There are many tiles available in the market which looks really nice on the bathroom floor. There are many options in porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles. These tiles have huge collection of colors, textures and it looks like natural stone. Porcelain tiles are hard wearing than the ceramic one.

Rustic -Look Floor

4. Tiled Floor

Flooring and designing for the small bathroom is quite difficult. Concrete planning should be made before you are going to start the work. Small bathroom is common in big cities. Therefore, the idea is to forget marble flooring. Use same tiles which you have used in the wall. The same design in floor and wall will visually expand the space. Select medium to large tiles for better look. This way your bathroom will look spacious. Then arrange hanging furniture and accessories.

Tiled Floor

5. Rubber Floor

This is the totally new concept for bathroom flooring. Rubber, vinyl, marmoleum and linoleum materials are slowly capturing the market of bathroom flooring. These materials look absolutely same like stone and wood. These are cost effective, soft, durable, waterproof, warm and easy to clear the dirt. Even it has a wide range of designs, colours, patterns and textures.

Rubber Floor

6. Smooth And Shiny Polished Floor

Concrete or stone or marble will give you smooth and shinier bathroom. The gorgeous shine of the floor will be fabulous and stylish. But it is quite risky for the entire family to use this slippery bathroom. So the only option is to make your attach bathroom with these wonderful finishing. You can also think of the bespoke resin or acrylic flooring for having the same shine and look with some sort of grip.

Smooth And Shiny Polished Floor

7. Granite Floor

Granite is durable, solid finish and comes in different colours, textures and patterns. Granite, slate, limestone and travertine are all great for the bathroom flooring. These all are permeable but if sealed then its longevity increases for many years. The bathroom will look shiny and elegant with the granite and other natural stones. You can use various patterns in same colour.

Granite Floor

8. Neutral Tile Floor

You can select a neutral tile floor of the bathroom. The neutral tiles will expand the space and it looks bright. Automatically smooth, soft and shiny floor makes the bathroom elegant and stylish. The standard design with dark furniture makes the bathroom wonderful.

Neutral Tile Floor

9. Dark Tile Floor

The elegant black tile bathroom is not only looking stylish but it is functional. The floor is not at all slippery. The large multi-toned dark gray or black tiles have a little bit of texture to hide the dirt. This kind of tiles makes the bathroom compact and sophisticated.

Dark Tile Floor

10. Marble Floor

Marble provides a very calm and soft look. It is not only making the bathroom glamorous but it is hardwearing. This material has a wide range of colours, textures and designs. The maximum colours of the marble are bright, smooth and this material is always on- trend. Marble floor makes the bathroom chic and attractive.

Marble Floor

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