10 Beautiful Upcycled Bathroom Vanities

Let’s break away from the boredom of using same old bathroom vanities with some quirky and fun alternatives. Several beautiful astonishing bathroom amenities are available these days to adorn your bathroom. Why go the conventional and normal way when you can make your bathroom stand apart from every other normal homes.

Lets Have A Quick Look At The 10 Such Options That You Can Choose To Make Your Home’s Bathroom Vanities Awesome.

1. Rescued Cow Trough

It was when New York based design firm Carrier and Company went on to convert an old dairy unit into a lavish guest cottage for a personal property, they imagined massive potential and possibilities in making this soapstone cow trough which was salvaged from the old property. The owner Jesse Carrier and his skilledteam later added some custom hinged wood tops which went on to become one of the most unusually beautiful bathroom vanities that you’ll possibly ever see. The mirror which hangs above is made of exterior window and shutter louvers.

Rescued Cow Trough

2. Washup On Wheels

This pinterest phenomenon is a unique kind of vanity that in its own way is superbly attractive. Artist Benjamin Bullins while designing bathroom of a clientrepurposed some old bicycles given from the neighbour and created a trademarked masterpiece- a sink! Bullins had to use some special-orderedsolid rubber tires for his creation so that they wouldn’t go flat is the passing days.

Washup On Wheels

3. Dining Room Redux

When the beautiful mirrored console table having the accent of a dining room was recycled and used for the bath, it turned out to be even more stunning. The repurposing of the furniture had to be achieved after going through some technically important steps such as the top being sealed with polyurethane and then caulk around the edges were used to seal the square vessel sinks. The vintage vibe was concreted when the finishing happened with brown shades of hardware being added.

Dining Room Redux

4. Start Your Engines

Again extra ordinary artist with expertise in recycling Benjamin Bullins created this special vanity from believe it or not- a vintage boat motor when he was designing a client’s lake house. The artist used tough efforts and gutted the motor down in order to accommodate the plumbing. At the top of all this he also added an vintage wood fishing lure embedded in clear resin for completing the extraordinary effect.

Start Your Engines

5. Water And Wine

You will find a gold mine of recyclable materials if you live near a winery. Crafsman John Koering chose to make the most out of this gold mine. Wine barrels made out of real oak was refitted and turned into a beautifully crafted vanity. The maintenance of these kinds of wooden vanities is an issue to be concerned with but when you have such a wonderful piece as a vanity in your bathroom, it can be very well assumed that you would not be doing much of water splashing inside it. The final finishing and sealing is done with proper care.

Water And Wine

6. Erin Rodriguez 100% Recycled

Blogger Erin Rodriguez did a great job in making a vanity for her that is made from totally recycled products and has an unique vibe reflecting out of it. She salvaged a sink from a nearby store and aquired an old potting table and fitted them both beautifully in a vanity. The blue hue that you get to see is also from a recycled product of 50 cent can of a mis-tinted paint.

Erin Rodriguez 100% Recycled

7. Flea-Market Find

The second hand dresser turned into a vanity looks vintage as well as marvellous. After the vigorous work of plumbing is done, the drawers, atleast some of them still can be functional which adds points to its beauty. A frame can be constructed after the plumbing works done which can act as the back of the drawer.

Flea-Market Find

8. The Anti-Vanity

Simplicity is the best beauty. It is always not necessary that a vanity should be looking like one. The simple marble top under which lies an open supporting framework made from steel looks absolute chic and sober which goes perfect with a minimalist or even lavish bath.

The Anti-Vanity

9. Repurposed Tree Trunk

This piece of vanity looks beautiful and gives you a feeling as if you are living amidst the woods. The onyx sink fitted perfectly atop a rescued tree log looking stunning. Consuming less space, this stunning piece also had embedded barbed wire around the hollow stump.

Repurposed Tree Trunk

10. Bali Bath

You can even choose to make a sink which can be modelled or themed after a particular culture or country of your choice. If space is not an issue with you then try this beautifully recycled table which is made into a vanity, reflecting the Balinese architecture. You can take any such piece which can accommodate sinks and make your own personalised bath with a pinch of your favourite culture.This beautifully managed table which is crafted into a sink also has intrinsic space available which can be used for more practicality.

Bali Bath

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