10 Amazing Ways To Decorate Your Home In A Japanese Style

Are you planning to decorate your home in a Japanese style? Well, that’s a great idea! Lots of people prefer Japanese décor and architecture as it’s serene and add beautiful cultural touch to your abode. Embellishing your home in Japanese involve de-cluttering, cleaning, and organizing your house and striking a perfect balance of various aspects, such as order, natural beauty, and ancient traditions. So, let’s have a look at some of creative home décor tips to decorate your home in an authentic Japanese style.

Find Below Ten Helpful Home Décor Tips To Embellish Your Home Following The Japanese Style

1. Add Japanese Plants

Japanese love and respect nature significantly. So, decorating your home with natural elements is the best way to connect with the nature. Add green Japanese plants, such as palm, bonsai, orchid, or bamboo, into your home to give your interiors a bit of Japanese cultural touch.

Add Japanese Plants

2. Have Large Windows

Japanese choose to get nature into their home through big, expansive windows. Such large windows help you watch the nature from every angle. So, have expansive windows that help you watch the serene nature outside as you relax indoors.

Have Large Windows

3. Install Soaking Tubs

Water elements are integral part of a Japanese home. And, Japanese consider Ofuro, which means bath, as a relaxing tradition to have in their interiors. So, install Japanese soaking tubs into your bathroom. These tubs are deep, small and tend to have a bench seat. Feel the serene, pleasant sounds of water bubbling and enjoy their calming effect as you bathe in the soaking tubs.

Install Soaking Tubs

4. Introduce Japanese Style Sliding Doors

Sliding doors and screens are one of the crucial elements of Japanese home décor, and they are popular as Shoji in Japanese. Since most Japanese styled homes are small, sliding doors are great additions to save a lot of space that otherwise swinging doors would occupy. Have screens in your home such that they do not obstruct the entry of the natural light in your home as well as offer you opportunity to watch nature outside. Have a glass-paneled sliding door in your home.

Introduce Japanese Style Sliding Doors

5. Develop A Zen Meditation Area

Create a serene area in your home to delve deeper in the Japanese culture. By creating a Zen peaceful space, you can use it to meditate, perform yoga, and have tea. Spread a floor cushion in this area for relaxing. Also, add a pleasant water feature such that the water trickling makes it a pleasant experience to listen. Color this area with green or blue paints. Play a calm music. Add little greenery and wooden elements making it pleasant. Maintain this Zen space clean and organized always.

Develop A Zen Meditation Area

6. Place Wood And Bamboo Elements

Having wooden and bamboo elements in your home is one of the great techniques to blend your lovely abode with nature. Japanese culture boasts to have wooden features in several areas of their home. You can have your doors, frames, walls, and screen grids all made up of woods. You can choose to have woods, such as red pine, maple, hemlock, or cypress. Use bamboo for various home décor purposes. Also, you can have bamboo floor. Having wooden features help make your home serene, calm place to reside.

Place Wood And Bamboo Elements

7. Create Japanese Style Entryway

Creating amazing traditional Japanese entryway helps you have an inviting place where you or visitors need to take off your shoe before entering it. It is also popular as Genkan. Place a cabinet known as getabako to store the shoes of the visitors before they enter this area. Have stone tiled flooring to make the entryway pleasant. Keep it clean and uncluttered.

Create Japanese Style Entryway

8. Embellish With Japanese Furniture

Usually, Japanese styled furniture is low to the floor. So, look for low-to–the-floor furniture and decorate your abode with simple bed frames and cool side tables. You can also have a low plank table along with floor cushions. It helps you enjoy pleasant tea ceremonies with minimal and low to the floor furniture while adding the authentic Japanese décor charm.

Embellish With Japanese Furniture

9. Paint In Japanese Colors

Japanese styles homes comprise simple natural colors. You can have your home painted in any of the various shades of brown representing the wooden elements or shades of green representing the greenery of plants. Have grey stone tiled or wooden flooring. Have screens instead of walls and use opaque paper to make them opaque wherever the need be. Keep it simple yet pleasant and charming.

Paint In Japanese Colors

10. Maintain Your Home Clean And Organized

Make sure you maintain your home clean, organized, and de-cluttered to have authentic Japanese style. Include minimum furniture. Have modern and angular lighting. You can also have Japanese lantern style in your home. This will help you develop authentic Japanese home.

Maintain Your Home Clean And Organized

Now that you know these helpful tips to have Japanese styled home, make sure you follow them to have a pleasant, refreshing Japanese styled abode.

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