10 Amazing Ideas Of Room Separator

Large living space that will require to be decorated in such a way that it also can be utilized in some other spacious form, the brick wall separation is not always possible within the room or sometimes the interior work may require beyond to make more extravagant and stunning creativity within the room and the separation, the separators can be of various materials that executes an amazing bliss to the room with fascinating artistic designs on the separators, making the rooms usable sometimes with or without privacy, giving an airy and outstanding interior design to the room few as follows

1. Tree Stump Separators:

Interior decoration can be taken to a hike with creative ideas of making a separation through small tree stumps attached together to form bunches of the tree stumps, the wall made of natural tree stumps gives a natural wall separation that can be very rarely found which is expensive, the wall is durable with splendid decorative feature that have a good strength to hold the large wall separation.

Tree Stump Separators

2. Wrought Iron Separators:

Wrought iron separation is one of the extraordinary separation used in between the two rooms, the variable designs of extremely minute and artistic work that can be assigned on the iron made separation, the paints can be of various colors that can be painted on the iron separator, the iron is also of high strength and is long lasting with beautiful plotted designs in it.

Wrought Iron Separators

3. Wood And Transparent Glass:

The separation of semi transparent glass and wooden wall separation, the separator can be made in the contrast or as a matched decoration for your room if they are made of glass or the wood, it has easy maintenance and long lasting with same textural use of the separator will make the room more attractive, with more lucrative gesture.

Wood And Transparent Glass

4. Vertical Wooden Battens:

Long wooden batten of similar thickness that can be fixed as a separator between two places such as the living room and entrance foyer, the wooden batten can be colored or simply polished looks amazing, the separator does not provide any privacy to the area it will simply indicate a difference between two space and give a creative decorative space that is a modern influence to the interior designs.

Vertical Wooden Battens

5. Lovered Door:

One of the traditional form of separator used even today in the modern interior decoration work, is the lovered door work that can be made of wood, traditionally it was wooden but now in modern works it may be made of  plastic fiber or any modern plank woods, plywoods that can provide you privacy and light by the up and down process of the louvers.

Lovered Door

6. Designed Wood Separation:

Entrance foyer only requires separation and less or almost no privacy, that is the reason the separators can have various bold and artistic designs, that can be wooden made, the designs in the woods can be of varied ranges, it may be of minutes wood designs to the spacious modern designs giving a splendid decor to the space.

 Designed Wood Separation

7. Thermocol Separators:

Thermocol separator which is one of the common used in the modern sections, the separators can be of various attractive minute designs placed in between to make different space for utilization. It does not require high maintenance but at the same time it is not durable, the separation can be done which may be required to be changed often as it has showiness of less duration.

Thermocol Separators


8. Foliage Separation:

Foliage wall types of separations can be used in the terraces where you can make separation as a garden and other as the sitting zone, the foliage wall separation is one of the most attractive and exceptional form which increases the glam of the terrace. The foliage climbing walls or mosses on the walls requires a high maintenance and it durability depends on the maintenance, though the looks of the foliage wall is extra ordinary.

Foliage Separation

9. Transparent Glass Separation:

In toilets and entrances transparent glass separations are used, the glasses have a high strength which can be made to hold the glass wall from the floor to the ceiling, the transparent glasses of different colors can be used in the bath cubes within the toilet and the entrance wall, though durable it requires high maintenance.

Transparent Glass Separation


10. Thick Glass Separators:

Separate your living area of the house and the entrance foyer with the barks of the trees, the small barks that has given a natural and exceptional decorative idea to the space, the tree barks or bamboos can also be used to give a different and modern look that will also execute a traditional approach to your space. It requires low maintenance with a high profile of interior decoration.

Thick Glass Separators

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