10 Accessories To Make Your Kitchen Decor Colorful

Kitchen is the heart of your home. It is the central place in your home where your family unites, spends some time together and eats. If your modern kitchen appears cold, boring and uninspired, you can make it most inspiring and joyful part of your home. One of the easiest ways to spice up your kitchen is add color to it. If you don’t have the money for full remodel, you can brighten up your kitchen by adding colorful accessories, kitchen tools and appliances. With little effort and a few small changes, you can transform your everyday counter top, shelves, windows, walls and cabinetry into a big statement without making major updates and breaking your budget.

Here Are 10 Accessories To Make Your Kitchen Decor Colorful

1. Use Open Shelving

Even if you don’t want to invest in new cabinet, countertops or renovate the whole kitchen, you can still add color and make your kitchen look gorgeous. Most kitchens these days have open shelving. Showcase your favorite objects, colorful dinnerware on these shelves. While displaying them don’t use objects that conflicts each other in color and shape. Don’t stuff too much item in one shelve. They should not look over crowded. A few colorful pots and pans can bring amazing impact against the white or neutral background. Open shelving not only provides opportunity to showcase your favorite things, but shelving itself can add spectrum of hues. You can install under mount lighting to create an inspiring tone.

Use Open Shelving

2. Glass-Fronted Cabinet

If you have glass fronted cabinets, place bright, colorful objects on them. This is a very easy way to experiment with colors. You can update them any time when you want to change the colors.

Glass-Fronted Cabinet

3. Choose Colorful Counter Top Appliances

If you are looking for new counter top appliances, look for these bold color appliances. From coffee makers, mixer grinder to toasters, and even refrigerators or gas stoves, many big brands have brought these appliances in beautiful colors.

Choose Colorful Counter Top Appliances

4. Colorful Utensils And Kitchen Accessories

If you are not ready to invest on new appliances, you can still add color to your kitchen with utensils, vibrantly colored cookware and small accessories like dishtowel or a new set of colorful salt and pepper shaker, colorful recyclable plastic bowls or a colorful table cloth etc. You can also replace the normal boring wooden spoon or utensils, dishtowel etc. with colorful alternatives by just spending few dollars. Leaving them on the countertop will add a splash of color to your otherwise boring kitchen and lift the mood of your family members and guests.

Colorful Utensils And Kitchen Accessories

5. Colorful Window Treatment

Another great way to add color to your dull boring kitchen is with window treatments. It will dramatically change the look of the whole kitchen. For this you can use Roman blinds available in bold colors and patterns, especially floral designs that can lift your mood. Pairing them with prominent accessories like vase, bowels or wall hung plates will add spark to your kitchen décor. Instead of blinds you can also use colorful fabrics according to your convenience.

Colorful Window Treatment

6. Use Colorful Rug Underfoot

A colorful rug on the dining space is another easy way to create colorful look. They are available in rainbow of hues and are also strong enough to stand out heavy traffic. For a more permanent touch, you can look for colored accent tiles on the floor.

Use Colorful Rug Underfoot

7. Stick Wall Decals

Wall decals come in hundreds of colors and images inspired by art, nature and vintage designs. They don’t damage the walls and are not permanent. You can decorate any of the walls in your kitchen by sticking them.

Stick Wall Decals

8. Install A Colorful Sink

It is not necessary to remodel your kitchen completely for adding color to it. One high-impact accessory can change the look. Consider changing your old sink with lightweight, porcelain-coated stainless steel, durable, reasonably priced colorful sink. They are available in beautiful and bright colors like navy blue, lemon yellow and mint green.

Install A Colorful Sink

9. Use Colorful Hardware

Replace your old and boring cabinet knobs and pulls with handmade blended glass or plastic knobs available in the market in variety of colors and designs. They will instantly brighten up your kitchen.

Use Colorful Hardware

10. Change Light Fixture

Consider fitting new light fixtures available in painted metal designs. They are available in attractive designs and huge variety of colors.

Change Light Fixture

The above mentioned accessories will help to update your kitchen with season’s stylish and hot colors. Adding striking new colors like blazing orange, navy blue or meadow green will surely brighten up your kitchen without breaking the bank.

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